Saturday, 22 December 2018

Do You Care When Someone Copies Your Style?

Ever since I was a little girl, I've had issues when it comes to someone copying my style. I remember being so insecure that I used to lie to my girlfriends about what I was planning on wearing to a party or a get-together. I used to think of girls as mere competition. As someones who will take away my “it girl” outfit and will make me somehow seem regular. Up until now, I used to only take suggestions from my sister or my guy friends because they came across as people who were part of my escapades. Recently, two of my guy best friends asked me, “why do you have to be so cynical when it comes to girlfriends and clothes?” and that's when it hit me- I care when somebody copies my style.
I am a person who puts a lot of thought on clothes and every little thing to do with styling an outfit. My style is everything to me. It basically defines who I am. If somebody simply buys the same thing as mine or ends up styling something the way I did, it makes me crazy insane. This is so bad that even the thought of someone asking me what I plan on donning, makes me weak in the knees. When I took these concerns to my guy friends (in order to justify myself), they suggested that I should look at the matter in this way- the girls who do end up copying my style like it so much that they end up wearing it like it should be worn. Now, as well grounded as it sounds, it is not. Firstly, because of somebody else's liking, I don't have an original outfit left. Secondly, my hours and hours of creative thinking went in the bin. Either I'll have to find a new style or simply come up with something from scratch.

In my recent trip with my college friends, I decided to try and lose my guard. I tried to take suggestions from my girlfriends and even ended up wearing the same scarf as one of them. This little exercise helped me relax a bit and not put so much thought into creating a groundbreaking look. Something else that I realized from this was (probably the universal fact which everybody had accepted except me) that your guy friends will give a second thought to your outfit but won't feel the emotion you expect them to when it comes to clothes. They will adjust with a second-best or a third-best look but will never root for you to lead the game (again, because they don't care that much). In this sense, you can always look up to those girlfriends who don't intend on focussing on clothes or has an extremely different personal style than yours. You will get a girl's suggestion and would no longer have to worry about being spotted in something which isn't "it".
Deep down, I'm still not completely comfortable in sharing my sartorial choices with other girls but I really am trying.



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