Sunday, 16 October 2016

Working with Noir at AIFWSS17!

This edition of Amazon India Fashion Week was an altogether different experience for me. Since the past 4 years, I've been covering the fashion week only for my blog. But this year I got the chance to intern with Noir (the official videography team of FDCI) as a fashion stylist. Today was the final day of AIFW and the past five days were simply a blast. As a fashion enthusiast, this edition of the fashion week was all about discovering a completely different and exciting side of the event.

My work with Noir started from the fittings which took place three days before the fashion week. Fittings were extremely fun because I saw the show routine take place, models getting candid and the hairstyles with makeup being tried. Fittings were enjoyable also because I got to interview around 10 designers for sneak peaks.
And when AIFW started, I learned how to adjust and use a mic. I also learned how to connect it to a camera! (To all the photographers and videographers, please don't mock me after this) Then I got the chance to enhance my communication skills because my work required a lot of interaction with people for street style spotting.

During working with Noir, I didn't compromise on covering the fashion week for my blog. Whenever I had free time, I rushed to MSA 1 and 2 to watch the shows. (Many of you will be proud to know that there were times when I dragged my team along) I did miss on a lot of good shows like- Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan, Gauri & Nainika, Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna but the experience of working with Noir compensated it. 

The highlight of my internship was when I got to work backstage with a team member. Never having been there before, it was somehow a life changing experience for me. The way my team member- Abhilasha shot the models lining up, makeup getting done and the hustle in the green room was truly a vision. I witnessed her capturing the minutest details, changing position in seconds just to get that one perfect shot even when the tripod was not available. She worked passionately and made sure that I was always briefed of what was happening around. Backstage was chaotic, no doubt but it was also the place where the actual work was taking place. 

I barely got to know where these five days went and this only happened because of a mind blowing experience with Noir. Here's hoping that the next coming fashion week will also be a fruitful experience! 


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Power Dressing and Why It Is Important.

Power dressing was born in the early 20s but wasn't developed before the 80s. The roots of power dressing date back to 1920s when Chanel introduced a suit consisting of a woolen skirt and a button-up jacket with tight fitted sleeves. The Chanel suit was the deal breaker of that time for women and then there was no stopping of the changing lifestyle. Blouses which initially belonged to the "date look" category took place in the power dressing one. Fabrics like silk and satin were also extensively used. All this was pleasurably accepted because this was just after the World War I had ended and the society was being dominated by men. It was time for change. Power dressing made women feel authoritative and gave them a sort of power which their society never could. You can find millions of definitions of power dressing if you Google it. But for me it is the piece of clothing which makes you feel confident and invincible. 
Every body has a weakness which makes them weak in the knees. My weakness is that I have stage fright. Those who know me fail to understand how it is possible. A girl who can blurt out her true inner feelings to somebody at every chance she gets is also the girl who tries to look for a way to escape from addressing a class of 60. Funny, isn't it? 
It's been quite a while since I've been trying to overcome my silly fear. One such attempt led me to dressing differently when I had to address a gathering or speak in front of a large crowd. Mark Twain's famed quote, "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." somehow started making sense. 
Body-con dresses, shirts, heels and peplums help me in overcoming my stage fright. I might not have crossed the tunnel yet but I know that with the help of these clothing styles and other approaches, I soon will someday. 

Top: Ajio; Jeggings: Zara; 
Heels: Venus; Shoe Accessory: Steve Madden


Friday, 30 September 2016

The Wedding Store- Store Review

Every outfit that you can possibly dream of as a bride-to-be lies in the India Bridal Fashion Week's recently launched wedding store located in South Extension part 1. When I heard that the store had finally opened, I knew I had to pay it a visit.

With my camera tucked on one shoulder, I headed inside the SBJ store. The main manager of the store was kind enough to assist me to the basement or you can also call it the land from where no wedding lover can leave empty handed. As soon as I entered the basement, a mannequin in a peach lehenga with silver sequins work greeted me. It had an enormous pearls mala which I personally loved as the display. Kudos to the team of SBJ for the setup!

In front of me stood a collection of indian gowns, fishtails and tutus in the colors- peach, yellow and pink. (So beautiful that you would want a wedding to take place only to wear these gowns!)
It was a pretty intelligent decision to place the gowns right in the starting to please the visitors. After all, who isn't fond of an eye catching embellished indian gown?

The entire right side of the store was occupied by eye feasting lehengas and suits with sofas to help you make crucial shopping decisions. It felt like nothing less than love at first sight. Leave me in that room and I might not even require food! 
This area has a mannequin placed in the middle along with creations of multi designers, waiting for you to get them off the racks.

The store isn't that huge but it's collection will please any body who wishes to look ravishing in an upcoming wedding.
The collection ranges from INR 30,000- 2,95,000.

LOCATION | SBJ South Extension I
Right next to- Aakash Institute 

Saturday, 24 September 2016

A Love Letter to My Blog

Everybody should have a happy place. A place where they can forget about the hardships of life, everyday struggles, fights with a love one and what work lies pending. Even that one thought which greets them in the remotest corner of the head should be forgotten in this place. This place should make you so so happy that you can easily forget about the thoughts which do not please you. And this place must only be yours.
Some find their happy place in music while some call another human being their happy place. My sister's happy place happens to be food!

It was around 3:00 AM and YouTube was my only source of entertainment. An international fashion blogger's makeup haul caught my attention at that time which further led me to locating her blog. After hours of researching and understanding whatever little I could about fashion blogging, I decided to give it a shot. Little did I know, I would end up discovering my happy place.
This was five years ago.
I was in the ninth grade when I took this plunge and trust me, it was no cake walk. Handling a blog and keep it running along with middle school was one hell of a task. Cheers to all those all nighters on a school night for covering events!
A huge credit also goes to my sister for being my personal photographer, accompanying me to events and also for driving me to the remotest corners of the city for blog work. You always, always need somebody who can keep up with your frenzies and she kept up with mine.
When I look back at that night, I still wonder what would have happened if I would have slept early?
There would be no Trendy Mannequin. I would probably be getting a degree in BBA and still trying to figure out what my dream career is. Lucky for me, I didn't sleep early that night. And here I am , five years later, loving every bit of my life primarily because of my blog.
The journey has truly been a beautiful one. Blogging for me was always about expressing my love for fashion, sharing whatever incidents struck my life and telling my readers stories that they would enjoy reading. I've never once felt like quitting and no matter how difficult it will get to take out time for this happy place, I will somehow manage to.
This one is for many, many more years of blogging!

Dress: evoguestore (customized) 

A beautiful photo story by the Time Shutterz!


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Why Getting Highlights Was A Mistake

As many of you might already know, a few months ago I got my hair highlighted in a light shade of brown. The move was sudden and stupid. Doing things in a rush is something quite expected from me considering the fact that I don't give anything a second thought.
Till the time the color hadn't touched my hair, my mom kept on pestering me to quit this thought and not ruin my beautiful black hair. At that time I thought that all moms find their daughter's hair to be beautiful so it's no big deal. How I wish to have listened to her that day.
The week that comes after getting something new done to your hair is always a pleasant one. You'll get noticed, hear 20 compliments a day, look prettier and feel confident. The same happened with me. I was on cloud nine and the feeling that my life cannot get any better wasn't ready to leave. But after that pleasant first week, comes reality. After every wash, my hair changed color. The more I washed my hair, the more I regretted the decision of getting them colored in the first place. I freaked out so badly that I started pulling out the highlighted strands of my hair. Also, my hair got so rough and frizzy that I couldn't step out of my house without applying serum to it. (Toni & Guy's natural hair serum was a great support at this time!)
Was I delusional? Completely. Was I ready to stop? Not at all.
Finally after weeks of pulling out the colored strands, I decided to again make a rash decision. I bought L'Oreal Paris' Natural Brown Hair Coloring pack and used it on my hair. 
Now in normal circumstances, my mom would scold me and get really pissed for not thinking rationally and doing the first thing that pops in my head. But this time she stayed mum and waited for the result. It's not like anything could be done after I had applied the hair color. 
After 20 minutes of waiting and chanting the mantra, "I won't regret this" I washed my hair and waited for it to dry out. Now I had this mindset that my hair cannot get any worse so I wasn't really scared. Turns out, for the first time since months my judgement was right. The hair color turned out to be somewhat nice and tolerable. That was itself a lot for me considering my previous hair color was golden. 
The color of my hair is now light brown and it no longer shines in the sun. The color is just settling which is completely okay by me. I'm not completely satisfied but I can wait for my original hair to grow back with this color. 

My point of sharing my hair coloring experience with you all is that for your own sake, do not make such a rash decision when it comes to your hair. It can take at least one year for you to gain your former glory. Till then, you're just stuck with a bad hair color and frizzy hair. If you're in the mood of experimenting or trying something new, go for dip dye. At least if the color turns out to be bad, you can get your hair chopped off! 


Saturday, 27 August 2016

For All Those Who've Experienced One-Sided Liking

After trying my hand on hard core fashion writing for 5 years now, I decided to focus on lifestyle blogging for a while. As my college has begun, taking out time for shoots has somehow became a huge task. (Although I'm soon gonna post fashion shoots on the blog)
Opting for journalism and mass communication in college has helped me realize that there's so much more to writing than I was aware of. Fashion writing is still my forte but wouldn't mind giving lifestyle writing a shot!
And here's my first attempt at that. 
Ours is a generation which falls in and out of love every day. Liking somebody for real is life changing.
Anything that's life changing requires work and that's something many are not willing to do.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Monsoon Diaries by Rahul Mishra at the India Couture Week 2016

I'm a sucker for pretty show setups. Put me in a room with an out of the box setup and I'm all set for the next few hours. Rahul Mishra's Monsoon Diaries setup by Abhishek Kaushik was built by recycled paper which created illusions and gave a shadow effect.

Traditional techniques, flared silhouettes and handcrafted embroidery comprised Mishra's couture collection. The audience was stunned to see the zipper jacket and sari combo, blazer jackets with ghagras and capes instead of blouses. 
It was like the entire show had a story to tell. One that the whole crowd was eager to listen.