Saturday, 12 May 2018

What Happened When My Shopping Became an Addiction.

Even before I started blogging, I was a shopping addict. I remember trotting into various stores talking to myself into buying something which I probably would never use twice. Then there was also the era of online shopping where I had to put no efforts except opening a fashion website and adding items to the cart.
Every second day, I had an urge to shop. On days when I couldn't shop, those clothes which were in my cart haunted me in my sleep. The thing is that once I started blogging about fashion, all I wanted to do was explore new trends and try them on myself. I wanted to experiment and make those looks real that I created in my mind. I created a bubble in my mind that it will be pretty simple- I'll buy one piece of clothing every week and everything will work out. 
But in that bubble, I forgot to add one major thing- YOU CAN NEVER REALLY HAVE ENOUGH CLOTHES.
It took me a LOT of time to understand this simple fact. At first, it was all good. I was buying one item each week and creating a look that made heads turn. Then the toll went to two items per week. Before I could realize, I started shopping after every two days. I spent hours everyday browsing websites for clothes. Just like a smoker believes that he needs a cigarette to survive, I believed that shopping will be my daily survival. I got the reality check I needed from my mom. She had enough of my shopping frenzy (after all, she was the one funding me). She made sure that all the shopping apps were gone from my phone and her cards were unsaved at all the websites. It was like the detox I was forced to do. We took baby steps after that. Every time I wanted to shop or order something from a website, she sat down next to me and asked me to stick to a budget. If I exceeded the budget, she would simply not pay for anything. 
Some of you will find this really funny while some of you will relate to my addiction. The ones who can relate know that it's a wonderful feeling until you've worn that outfit once and then your interest moves to some other item. Thanks to my mom, I got a grip on myself and went few notches down on my shopping addiction. It's hard for the both of us- for her to say no and for me to not be able to shop every day. But, we've definitely made progress. 


Saturday, 24 February 2018

One of the Final Submissions at NIFT!

Yesterday, I had one of my final submissions for NIFT. We still have about a month more until the course finishes but yesterday somehow left a sad feeling inside me. In just six months, I got more attached to NIFT than I ever could to Amity University. Although I've had a wonderful time till now in Amity and got hold on a bunch of nice people, I could just not connect to it. On the other hand, NIFT gave me much more to remember in just a span of six months.
For this final submission, we had to buy anything that we could find in Chandni Chowk and make something out of it. After creating something, we had to style our outfits in unconventional ways. After weeks of brainstorming, I came up with so many ideas that it all just got confusing inside my head. Because I had to start from somewhere, I purchased a glue gun. Trust me on this dear readers, you wouldn't want to get burned from that because I did (that too thrice) and it was pretty painful.

I don't have a designing background as most of you would know but a lot of thought and effort went into the designing and styling of this whole look. Becuase I wasn't familiar with the concept, it took me a longer time than the others. 
I wasn't happy at all with the background of the studio because it completely ruined my shoot as well as of my fellow classmates of NIFT. I mean just look at the background. It feels too green, doesn't it? Nonetheless, I've had a blast preparing for this shoot and during the preparations, I learned so much on my own that I'll definitely try my hand at designing more things! 


Monday, 12 February 2018

Do Fashion Influencers Influence Anybody?

Influencers existed long before the term was even coined. They are present everywhere in our daily lives. The air of mystery is always revolving around these influencers. Everybody wants to become one because it seems pretty glamorous, but nobody has a clue as to how it all works. From where you watch, it must seem quite appealing and exciting but when you look up close, you'd realize that it's one hell of a task. Because being an influencer is not about being popular. It's about causing an impact on somebody's life. If not a lot, at least a little. Now that you know who an influencer is, let's get back to the question which led you to open this post- do fashion influencers influence anybody?

The answer to this question would be both, yes and no. 

Yes, because there are some people out there with brilliant style and creativity. They're original. Their style defines them. These actual influencers are not afraid of trying on a new style. Moreover, they enjoy doing what they do, not giving a damn about how their followers would perceive their style. On the other side, some so-called fashion influencers are not influencing anybody. Their personal style is far from original and they're always fretting about how their followers would accept their style. As we have both present in front of us, it can sometimes be hard to determine that who is doing the right job and who isn't. They all look the same but what they create from their creative minds is poles apart. So it's your job to find out which influencer's style speaks to you and has an everlasting impact on you.

I've also compiled an ethnic street look for you all in this post. Love the boho twist that Ajio has given to this kurta. This is one ethnic clothing piece which college students would love! 

Kurta- AJIO
Palazzo Pants- W for Women
Jutti- Borrowed from mom


Sunday, 4 February 2018

My January Goals and How I Kept Them!

Every year, I too, like every other person, try to keep a New Year's Resolution. And like every other person, I forget about the resolutions as soon as February hits the calendar. For 2018, I wanted to come up with small-small goals which can be achieved without having to sweat much over it. I'm trying to set up monthly goals so that I'm able to do a lot more than I do when I have yearly goals. 
For January, I decided to maintain my day planner regularly and be on track. Then I decided that it's time to get a grip on my shopping for at least a month. I also tried to eat as much healthy food as I could because I eat shit from outside all the time and then it makes me sick. I had set up another goal which was for my trip to Goa which took place in the last week of January. I planned to explore that city as much as I could and luckily, I had the right set of people who were game for it. 
My last goal for January was to get more experimental with my street style. This goal, I believe, will go on for a long time now.

Here's a bit of the experimenting I was talking about above-

It's February and I already feel like I own 2018 because of the January goals! 
What are your goals for 2018?


Thursday, 21 December 2017

Is Instagram Killing Fashion Blogs?

Just yesterday one of my NIFT teachers asked us to ponder over the question, "is Instagram killing fashion blogs?" I've been blogging for six years while I've been on Instagram for three years now. When I started off, I had no such portal to grow my blog or to spread a word about it. All I could do was refer it to people or send a broadcast message with a web link of my recent blog post. You may be thinking that Instagram is indeed doing us, bloggers a huge favor as we get to promote it widely now. To some extent, I would agree with you that Instagram came around the right time and saved us. We can now finally connect globally and have a space where a single picture is enough to represent the entire blog. Oh, and let's not forget that Instagram is helping us get business and connect more with brands.
While all this makes Instagram look too tempting, you should also get the real picture that it is in a way killing fashion blogs. If a person sees the entire outfit of a blog post on Instagram, then there are very few chances of him opening the blog. Content is getting shorter and shorter and the focus is completely shifting to pictures. And hearing, "did you see that blogger's outfit on Instagram" is more common than, "did you read the recent blog written by so and so blogger?" Oh, and it's suddenly become all about the number of followers you have on Instagram rather than the quality of the blog post.
If you ask me, content should be the king while portals like Instagram should only be used to spread a word and promote your work.

On a lighter note, here's a look I wanted to compile since forever but couldn't get a hold of these pants. Finally, my prayers were answered and I was able to compile a look which is a fusion of the 70s fashion and the modern times ahead.

Blazer: H&M
Pants: Zara
Heels: Marks & Spencer


Friday, 1 December 2017

The Wedding Edition

The months of November and December have been the ultimate wedding season of India ever since I can remember. I'm one of those people who hate weddings but love to shop for them. No matter how time-consuming it is, shopping for weddings is a different kind of fun.
This wedding season, my mom wanted me to get my clothes stitched. Her plan was to go with basic shararas, sarees and lehengas. I, on the other hand, wanted to experiment with the outfits. Now my mom is skeptical when it comes to experimenting but after negotiating with her, I got to experiment with one outfit. Since I have no knowledge of designing or of tailors, I tried looking online for Indian outfits. It wasn't long before I found the exact outfit I wanted. Gone are the times when wearing Indian clothes was a huge task. We live in an era where wearing heavy Indian wear has also become effortless and I definitely want to make the most of this time! 

Outfit: Missa More Clothing
Heels: Venus Steps
Earrings: mom's earrings


Thursday, 23 November 2017

Winter Lookbook 2017!

It's my favorite time of the yearrr!
Winters are finally here and I can't be happier. Wait. Maybe I can. On Christmas. Definitely!!!
I absolutely never write my blogs like this except when winters begin so please bear with me.

So after 3 years I again got a fringes haircut done to my hair. Everybody told me to not experiment with my hair yet again but being the crazy hasty decision-making teenager that I am, I got my hair chopped off again. Although I'm pretty happy with my new look and I'm also getting a great response on my social media, it did hit me that I'm no longer that girl who would go out of the way to experiment or take risks with her hair (and here I thought that I'll dye my hair pink in college!) Don't get me wrong dear readers. I love my new haircut but if asked, whether I'd prefer my straight cut to my fringes, I'd go with the former.

On a lighter note, here's one of the many lookbooks for winters that I'm going to display all winter season long on my blog. I've always wanted to try this look but somehow it was never done. I've tried this look in both of my colleges and got a positive response. For all the fashion students and people in the creative fields in colleges should definitely don this look this winters. It's a big hit amongst fashion colleges for sure!