Sunday, 9 July 2017

A Pastel Affair

As you all might already know, the GST rules of this year just came out. Right before the declaration of the GST, all online websites went on sale. And not any sale but the sale of the century. I don't think I've ever shopped so much in two days.
The one maxi dress which I came across during the sale was from Ajio. They had a huge variety to choose from and that maxi seemed just perfect. I ordered it instantly and I just had to wear it and post pictures on the blog. No reason at all. Also, I'm investing a lot of money on maxis because there's pretty much nothing which is comfortable enough in this weather of Delhi (I know, many can relate).
Oh, and the pictures were taken at this adorable cafe in Saket called the Soho Cafe. Their interiors are very homely and comforting and the food is lip smacking!


Saturday, 10 June 2017

I Got Inked and Here's Why!

The thought of getting a tattoo made, first came across my mind right after my boards. I had just got out of school and the sky was the limit for me. I wanted to try every crazy thing I could think of back then. But the thought of getting inked soon got pushed back, somewhere inside my brain and I forgot about it in no time. You see, getting inked at that point of time, was just to try something new. It was the "new cool" for me. Up until last year, I didn't realize how important a step it was. I took months to decide the tattoo I wanted and for that, I went through a million images to decide the correct size and design.
Some of my friends tried to talk me out of it while some simply gave the green signal. The ones who were against it, did give a fair argument. However, I was adamant to get a tattoo made.
Those who've kept up with my Instagram page know that the first tattoo I got made was months ago. I didn't do a post on it because my experience was pretty bad. I got it made from the wrong place and imagine, it faded after only a week. After that I'd lost all hopes of getting inked again.
Until now.

My Experience:
I had my doubts after that but because I had to get another tattoo made, I researched extensively and talked to a lot of people who had their bodies covered with tattoos. Finally after loads of consultations, I went with The Inkinn Tattoo Studio, situated in Defence Colony.
As soon as I reached the second floor, an orange and white cat greeted me after which I no longer felt jittery (lucky for me that I'm obsessed with cats!). My tattoo artist Jasmer was more than willing to clear all queries before the procedure started. He even made me sign a form which I hadn't at the previous tattoo studio (felt like a complete idiot at that moment). He chose the correct size for me and told me to stay calm. After six months, I found myself, again seated on a tattoo artist's chair but this time with confidence. I'm so scared of needles that I could feel the blood vessels pumping in various parts of my body but in about 15 minutes, my tattoo was done and dusted. Jasmer paid painstaking attention on the details. According to him, that's the most important part of a tattoo; getting the details correct and I completely agree with him on this!

What I Got Made:
Semicolon Tattoo: The tattoo may seem small but it has a deep meaning which many are not aware of. A semicolon is used when an author could've chosen to end the sentence, but chose not to. You are the author and the sentence is your life. It is a beautiful tattoo which gives you strength and courage.
Birds Tattoo: Birds symbolize freedom of the human spirit or the soul. Birds are not bound to anybody. I felt three was the perfect number for underneath the collarbone (not too much, not too less).

First the tattoo artist will take a printout of your tattoo and tell you to choose the right size. Once you've decided on that, the printout will be used to trace the tattoo. Then the action begins. Getting a tattoo made is a time consuming and painful process. Blood might also assemble on the area where you're getting the tattoo made (luckily, not in my case). And as the tattoo is pierced till four layers of our skin out of seven, it takes about 15-30 days for the tattoo to get healed. In these days, bid goodbyes to perfume, beach, shampoo, soap and the sun for as long as you can. I was also told to apply Johnson's Baby Oil, twice a day. Once the dead skin is peeled off, the tattoo will settle and the color will come out just right.

Don't Forget These Things:

  • Remember that a tattoo stays with you forever so you can't just wake up one morning and decide to get inked. 
  • Your tattoo will speak for you. You WILL get judged because of it. When I got a semicolon made, people were curious to know about my past and what had happened. 
  • Research about the right tattoo place and consult people who have tattoos on their body. I highly recommend Inkinn as my tattoo turned out to be exactly what I wanted. 
  • Avoid your loved one's name, anniversary date and identical tattoos. Don't mean to sound rude but you can never be certain of the future with people. And, I've heard that the process of getting a tattoo removed is not very pleasant. 
  • Do NOT scratch. If your tattoo is in the healing process, you'll end up ruining it by scratching or rubbing it too hard. You have to be very careful with the tattoo. Treat it like a new born baby (no kidding). 

Inkinn Tattoo Studio
Address | S-5, Second Floor, B-87, Defence Colony, Near South Ex Flyover, New Delhi - 110024
Phone No. | 9910236996


Monday, 29 May 2017

Head to Bir for a Life Changing Travel Experience!

Travelling to Bir, Himachal Pradesh was something my sister and I had been planning, since months. As soon as my exams ended, we packed our bags, booked our tickets and headed to the bus station to catch an overnight bus till Palampur. We left from our house feeling proud because we didn't forget anything but the one thing which we didn't keep a check on, was the time. After reaching the bus station we were frantically running everywhere to find our bus. Being the clumsy girl that I am, I even managed to fall badly and bruise my knees. But in the end, we tracked down the bus and everything worked out for us.

How to Reach
We took a cab from Palampur to Bir and it took us 45 minutes to reach but if you're planning to go from Delhi, you can take a bus. On the way back, we took the Himsulta Volvo from upper Bir and the bus dropped us to I.S.B.T Kashmiri Gate. From Delhi to Bir it will take you approximately 12 hours in the bus. I would suggest, take an overnight bus because you won't get to know where the time passed. The bus stops at every station for 5 minutes and at three to four places for dinner/lunch/breakfast and tea breaks.

You can get your tickets booked at-

Where We Stayed
Colonel's Resort was the resort where I stayed for three days. As soon as I entered, I fell in love with the property. The resort has an overlooking view of the mountains and so much of greenery that you'll feel like staying outside the entire time. The resort has 15 rooms, tents for camping, a dining area with a verandah, a yoga room and a huge parking space.

What took my heart away was the adorable pets of the resort. This one is a three year old Cocker Spaniel called Dash. For those who don't know this about me, I'm a hardcore cat lover but by the end of three days, I became very fond of Dash. I used to start my day by playing with him and sleep, only after I had spent a good amount of time with him.
Apart from Dash, Colonel's Resort is home to a Labrador called Frisky and two horses named Namta and Noorie. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I spotted some exotic species of worms and birds right outside my room.
One can easily pass his time in this resort by playing with these animals. They give so much of love to a person that you'll completely forget all of your problems.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

L.A.Girl Pro Conceal HD Product Review

There was a time when makeup was never on my shopping list. But then I hit the phase when after trying makeup just one time, I couldn't let go of it. Now for somebody like me who has heavy bags under her eyes at all times, using a concealer is must. After trying on a million concealers, I came across the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer. While ordering this brand from Nykaa I was pretty skeptical because I had never used it before but I really liked the packaging and the size of the concealer, so I confirmed my order anyway.

The process to use it is pretty simple-
All you have to do is give the bottle a little squeeze and instantly some amount of concealer will come out on the brush. Gently apply some amount of it on the needed areas like the under eye, forehead, upper lips etc.
Some people also use it on their neck to even the skin tone but I just find it super weird to use the concealer on any place except the face.
L.A. Girl's concealer brush is pretty soft and smooth so the concealer can be applied very easily. And spreading it on the face is no task as it's texture is creamy.
I'ts very important to use a good primer before applying this concealer otherwise the effect won't be visible. Make sure that after applying the concealer, you're blending it properly otherwise you'll end up looking like a jaundice patient. (The experience my sister and I had the first time we used it!)

The process to use it is pretty simple. All you have to do is squeeze the bottle a little and some amount of concealer will come out on the brush. Gently apply some amount of it on the needed areas like the under eye, forehead, upper lips etc. (Some people also use it on their neck!)
I had purchased the shade Warm Honey, which was slightly darker than my skin tone. Last time I bought a shade lighter than my skin tone, I ended up looking like a ghost. Warm Honey was the perfect choice because all the lines and uneven color was gone, giving my face the texture I always wanted. I'm hooked to this concealer now and you will be too once you use it!
There are 24 shades in the Pro Concealer so no matter which skin tone you have, you will find the right concealer.

Price- INR 535


Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Face Shop Brightening Face Mask Review

To be honest with you all, I've never been a lover of face masks. I feel a face pack is much better than a face mask as you can choose the quantity. But one evening while I was adding makeup to my cart on Nykaa, I saw the brand- The Face Shop listed in the top brands. After reading all the reviews and stalking the brand's official Instagram page, (background knowledge is everything) I added their Brightening Face Mask to my cart.

Price- Rs. 150

Every time I shop online, I have this excited feeling going on till the time I don't get my products. It's not just there when I'm trying something new but also when I'm ordering things that I use everyday. After ordering the face mask, I was literally running towards the door every time I heard the doorbell ring. 
When the product arrived, it was rolled in bubble wrap. Next morning, I evened my skin tone by using a toner after which I tore the package and put the face mask on my face. The smell of this face mask resembled that of the shampoo my hair cutter uses every time I pay him a visit. Because this face mask smells so good, you will want to put it on your face again and again. 

The process is pretty simple. All you have to do is peel the film off and then spread the mask on your face. Adjust it properly from the eyes to the nose. Keep it like that for 10-20 minutes and then tap lightly to absorb the leftovers of the mask
I could see the difference on my face right away. All the uneven texture was gone and my face had suddenly lit up. Oh, and on the plus side, my face smelled SO good after that. The face mask made me feel fresh and love my face. This is a must try for all those who feel that dirt and dust stick on their faces, every time they step out of the house.

Get this face mask now from-


Friday, 28 April 2017

TMxNityaBajaj- The One from the Equine Collection

If you're an ardent follower of Indian designers who are killing it with their designs, then you must know about Nitya Bajaj's recently launched collection- Equine. Previewed at the India Showcase Week which took place at the Roseate, Aerocity, this collection of Nitya Bajaj gained so much of media coverage that the updates from this show was all I could see on my social media platforms for a whole week. (And mind you, I follow a LOT of publications/media houses)

Who wouldn't adore this collection?
After all, it has prints of horses, hoofs and bows. Oh, and did you spot the flares, the lace work and the bows on the neck!? I went nuts over this collection and watching videos of the stunning Divya Khosla Kumar, walking in these adorable clothes was the cherry on top for me.
A fun and flirty line, this is the pocket friendly collection you wouldn't wanna miss.

Here's what I loved from the entire collection-

Peplum top- Nitya Bajaj
Trousers- Wills Lifestyle
Heels- Marks & Spencers
Briefcase- Hemant & Nandita 

This white peplum wrap around shirt was my favorite from the Equine Collection. I tried to give a Work Mode look by pairing these black trousers and white heels with the wrap around shirt. To add a little color to the look, I paired this floral briefcase.

To shop the collection you can go to-

Keep up with the designer Nitya Bajaj's latest collections by following her on-


You can also visit her store to see the collection- 37A Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi.


Saturday, 22 April 2017

From One '90s Kid to Another

One fine morning last week, I started my day as with the ritual of checking all online stores to see if something new had come. It was a known fact that Disney was soon going to collaborate with Koovs but I was completely unaware of when the collection was going to be live. I must have woken up from the correct side of the bed because that morning the Disney's collaboration with Koovs lied in front of me!
All the 90s kids would understand my level of excitement right now. (Literally had to rewrite the post because of too many typos!)
I've been a sucker for Disney ever since I started watching the television. More than Telly Tubbies, my life revolved around the love story of Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse. When my mom used to leave for her office, she would wake me up after which, the entire day, my eyes would be glued to the Disney Channel until she came back in the evening. So when I saw the collection live on Koovs, it was but natural that I would lose my cool and add a few pieces from the collection. 
One of the things that I ordered was a monochrome printed bodycon dress. The day it came, I couldn't let go of it and literally slept hugging it. (Yes, I love my clothes too much)
To all the 90s kids, this blog post is for you guys! 

If your level of excitement got as high as mine had, stock your closet with DisneyXKoovs collection now-