Thursday, 8 November 2018

How to Make the Most of Your Impulse Purchases

I am a master of impulse purchases. If there was a competition between people who do the most impulse purchasing, I would win. As corny as it sounds, it is true.
So many people tell me, "to avoid impulse purchases, you need to ask yourself, 'do I really need this?' and you somehow wouldn't want it then!" I do not believe in this. When I am shopping, all I can manage to ask myself is, "will this haunt me if I don't buy it?" and that is how I almost always end up buying the things. (If you can relate even 1% to this, then you're a part of the Impulse Buyers' Club!)
I tried everything to avoid this habit of mine like taking my best friend along for shopping, deleting all fashion apps from my phone and even avoid going to the mall but somehow I always found my way back to the not-so-practical buys. Since nothing could be done about my purchasing habits, I decided to try different occasions/places where my buys could 'fit in'. Over time, I have come up with a few tricks and hacks which helped me make the most of my not-so-well spent money.
Maybe you too will be able to pick one or solutions from my list!

Fashion Weeks
If you have ever attended a fashion week based out of Delhi, you'd know that people are very open to experimentation there. This one time I got away by wearing these really funny sunglasses (which all of my friends hated). In fact, some of the photographers even considered it to be 'street style worthy' and ended up featuring me. Over the past seven years, I have spotted girls wearing skirts made out of potato sacks, tube tops made out of the yellow caution tapes and bags which have a face of their own. Basically, fashion week is the best place where one can pull off the silliest thing purchased impulsively. No judgment there.

Instagram OOTD
Instagram is a wonderful portal for experimentation. You can always dress up for that one eccentric OOTD picture for your Instagram. You're trying something new and your impulse purchase is out there for everybody to see. I make use of my impulse buys by pairing them up with something decent and then putting up a funny caption to go with my picture. In this way, I get to feature brands on my page and get content. You just have to somehow make it work.

Another place where you can get away from going all out when it comes to making the most of your impulse purchases is at events. By events, I mean art exhibitions (India Art Fair), fashion exhibitions, launch parties, pop-ups, diwali fairs etc. You can make a statement and utilize that fashion item which you can't wear to any other place.

Style it Completely Different
I use tons of my things in a different manner. For example, if I bought a scarf, I'll use it like a wrap around top, an accessory to put on my bag, a headband or as a belt. This helps me make the most of my impulse purchases which may not work the way I expected it to but is at least getting used. You'll be stunned to know that every single fashion item can be used in three different ways. Spend time with your impulse buys and you will be able to find that different way.

Gift it to Somebody 
Not all of my impulse purchases work out for me because some are just not practical buys. I always tell myself that I can make this work but sometimes, I just cannot do anything from it. When it comes to that stage, I think of somebody in my social circle who can make use of my impulse buy (after all, not all of us like the same things). It's a great way to not feel guilty and make somebody else happy with that purchase. Something that is not practical to you can be the most practical item for someone else.

I have a soft corner for every impulse purchase that I have ever made. It is because every single one of them has a back story. You'll find that one scarf was bought because I had a bad mood, or a pair of earrings were bought because I had money in my bank, or if I had worked hard and I wanted to pamper myself. Basically, these items are special that's why I make sure to make use of them. Try doing something similar and who knows, maybe these items are your most cherished items too!