Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Is Instagram Affecting Our Personal Style?

On a normal day, I open Instagram at least 20-30 times. The number of hours I put into browsing on this app is countless. Some of my friends even say that I am obsessed with this app and that I'm hooked to it 24/7. But then who isn't obsessed with this app? If we are not browsing on this app, we're clicking pictures which are eligible for it. While this is a point which almost everybody can relate with, there is also the question of Instagram affecting our personal style (why this post came into existence).
I have noticed that over the past three months, my personal style has changed drastically (probably because I felt the urge to daily post OOTD pictures). I started purchasing clothes that were statement pieces but couldn’t be worn twice or thrice. Now, I did manage to ace my #OOTD game but I wasn’t left with any clothes that could be worn to college or to casual get-togethers with friends. I now know that those statement pieces were never really my personal style but they were my picks for ’insta-worthy’ pictures. But at times, it can be so maddening to plan every single outfit so meticulously and then doing it all over again with a different set of clothes. There is so much of anxiety I face at times when it comes to generating the content for this app because of the level of posts that is setup by people nowadays. The other characteristic which is a causing a major change in my closet is the explore section of Instagram. I come across so many cool streetstyle and outfit of the day posts that I too then want my handle to inspire one too many girls. It’s like the more options we gather, the more our outfitting routines take place. Obviously, you can’t just keep going with this. There will come a day when you’ll get fed up. I think I recently hit that point when one of my friends said that I’m always over the top when it comes to clothes. It wasn’t such a big deal but it sure did get me thinking that maybe my purchasing decisions weren’t exactly right.
To come out of this mess I got myself into, I decided to do a little experiment. I tried to go on an ‘Instagram detox’ which involved not posting for a while and exploring my personal style. In just about a week, my little experiment taught me that a mix of basic and statement clothes is the way to go. I also realized that having basic clothes help you save a lot of time for other things. Dressing up was never so effortless before, you guys!



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