Saturday, 12 May 2018

What Happened When My Shopping Became an Addiction.

Even before I started blogging, I was a shopping addict. I remember trotting into various stores talking to myself into buying something which I probably would never use twice. Then there was also the era of online shopping where I had to put no efforts except opening a fashion website and adding items to the cart.
Every second day, I had an urge to shop. On days when I couldn't shop, those clothes which were in my cart haunted me in my sleep. The thing is that once I started blogging about fashion, all I wanted to do was explore new trends and try them on myself. I wanted to experiment and make those looks real that I created in my mind. I created a bubble in my mind that it will be pretty simple- I'll buy one piece of clothing every week and everything will work out. 
But in that bubble, I forgot to add one major thing- YOU CAN NEVER REALLY HAVE ENOUGH CLOTHES.
It took me a LOT of time to understand this simple fact. At first, it was all good. I was buying one item each week and creating a look that made heads turn. Then the toll went to two items per week. Before I could realize, I started shopping after every two days. I spent hours everyday browsing websites for clothes. Just like a smoker believes that he needs a cigarette to survive, I believed that shopping will be my daily survival. I got the reality check I needed from my mom. She had enough of my shopping frenzy (after all, she was the one funding me). She made sure that all the shopping apps were gone from my phone and her cards were unsaved at all the websites. It was like the detox I was forced to do. We took baby steps after that. Every time I wanted to shop or order something from a website, she sat down next to me and asked me to stick to a budget. If I exceeded the budget, she would simply not pay for anything. 
Some of you will find this really funny while some of you will relate to my addiction. The ones who can relate know that it's a wonderful feeling until you've worn that outfit once and then your interest moves to some other item. Thanks to my mom, I got a grip on myself and went few notches down on my shopping addiction. It's hard for the both of us- for her to say no and for me to not be able to shop every day. But, we've definitely made progress.