Saturday, 24 February 2018

One of the Final Submissions at NIFT!

Yesterday, I had one of my final submissions for NIFT. We still have about a month more until the course finishes but yesterday somehow left a sad feeling inside me. In just six months, I got more attached to NIFT than I ever could to Amity University. Although I've had a wonderful time till now in Amity and got hold on a bunch of nice people, I could just not connect to it. On the other hand, NIFT gave me much more to remember in just a span of six months.
For this final submission, we had to buy anything that we could find in Chandni Chowk and make something out of it. After creating something, we had to style our outfits in unconventional ways. After weeks of brainstorming, I came up with so many ideas that it all just got confusing inside my head. Because I had to start from somewhere, I purchased a glue gun. Trust me on this dear readers, you wouldn't want to get burned from that because I did (that too thrice) and it was pretty painful.

I don't have a designing background as most of you would know but a lot of thought and effort went into the designing and styling of this whole look. Becuase I wasn't familiar with the concept, it took me a longer time than the others. 
I wasn't happy at all with the background of the studio because it completely ruined my shoot as well as of my fellow classmates of NIFT. I mean just look at the background. It feels too green, doesn't it? Nonetheless, I've had a blast preparing for this shoot and during the preparations, I learned so much on my own that I'll definitely try my hand at designing more things! 


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