Thursday, 21 December 2017

Is Instagram Killing Fashion Blogs?

Just yesterday one of my NIFT teachers asked us to ponder over the question, "is Instagram killing fashion blogs?" I've been blogging for six years while I've been on Instagram for three years now. When I started off, I had no such portal to grow my blog or to spread a word about it. All I could do was refer it to people or send a broadcast message with a web link of my recent blog post. You may be thinking that Instagram is indeed doing us, bloggers a huge favor as we get to promote it widely now. To some extent, I would agree with you that Instagram came around the right time and saved us. We can now finally connect globally and have a space where a single picture is enough to represent the entire blog. Oh, and let's not forget that Instagram is helping us get business and connect more with brands.
While all this makes Instagram look too tempting, you should also get the real picture that it is in a way killing fashion blogs. If a person sees the entire outfit of a blog post on Instagram, then there are very few chances of him opening the blog. Content is getting shorter and shorter and the focus is completely shifting to pictures. And hearing, "did you see that blogger's outfit on Instagram" is more common than, "did you read the recent blog written by so and so blogger?" Oh, and it's suddenly become all about the number of followers you have on Instagram rather than the quality of the blog post.
If you ask me, content should be the king while portals like Instagram should only be used to spread a word and promote your work.

On a lighter note, here's a look I wanted to compile since forever but couldn't get a hold of these pants. Finally, my prayers were answered and I was able to compile a look which is a fusion of the 70s fashion and the modern times ahead.

Blazer: H&M
Pants: Zara
Heels: Marks & Spencer


Friday, 1 December 2017

The Wedding Edition

The months of November and December have been the ultimate wedding season of India ever since I can remember. I'm one of those people who hate weddings but love to shop for them. No matter how time-consuming it is, shopping for weddings is a different kind of fun.
This wedding season, my mom wanted me to get my clothes stitched. Her plan was to go with basic shararas, sarees and lehengas. I, on the other hand, wanted to experiment with the outfits. Now my mom is skeptical when it comes to experimenting but after negotiating with her, I got to experiment with one outfit. Since I have no knowledge of designing or of tailors, I tried looking online for Indian outfits. It wasn't long before I found the exact outfit I wanted. Gone are the times when wearing Indian clothes was a huge task. We live in an era where wearing heavy Indian wear has also become effortless and I definitely want to make the most of this time! 

Outfit: Missa More Clothing
Heels: Venus Steps
Earrings: mom's earrings