Friday, 3 November 2017

I Have a Disease. I Can't Stop Shopping!

I first saw Confessions of a Shopaholic when I was in school. I still remember how fascinating the entire movie was for me because I could relate with Rebecca Bloomwood SO much!
Just like she couldn't say no to clothes and found any possible reason to shop, I can't stop buying clothes just because I'm bored or I need to cheer myself up. 

There was this one time when I shopped online off the hook. I bought something every day for 3 weeks. Because of a tight schedule, my entire family had odd timings of going home so there was nobody to collect my orders. To not delay the procedure I had asked all the delivery guys to give the orders to my next-door neighbor. My neighbor accepted my order once. Then twice. Then thrice. But after that, he blatantly said no. My neighbor also shared the fact that he thought of me as an insane girl who has no life apart from purchasing clothes and makeup. Apart from the humiliation caused by my dearest neighbor, there were also incidents which made me realize that I have a disease of shopping. 
Don't get me wrong dear readers. I still don't get up at 5:00AM to reach the Forever 21 sale or buy something just because it's not there in my closet. But, when I see something that I like, I have to, have to buy it. And if you too get haunting dreams of the things that you don't buy then you're no different than me. I'll admit something out loud. As soon as I get my pocket money or the money that I earn from a campaign or internship, I spend 97% of it on clothes. There are so many times when my friends want to go out to eat and I tell them, "I can't go for lunch. I spent my lunch money on clothes" (let's not discuss the kind of looks I get after using this line").
Now I've practically never met anybody who loves shopping as much as me but I'm sure most of the girls out there have a similar mindset.
This post is to all those ladies out there who are sailing in the same boat as mine!


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