Thursday, 23 November 2017

Winter Lookbook 2017!

It's my favorite time of the yearrr!
Winters are finally here and I can't be happier. Wait. Maybe I can. On Christmas. Definitely!!!
I absolutely never write my blogs like this except when winters begin so please bear with me.

So after 3 years I again got a fringes haircut done to my hair. Everybody told me to not experiment with my hair yet again but being the crazy hasty decision-making teenager that I am, I got my hair chopped off again. Although I'm pretty happy with my new look and I'm also getting a great response on my social media, it did hit me that I'm no longer that girl who would go out of the way to experiment or take risks with her hair (and here I thought that I'll dye my hair pink in college!) Don't get me wrong dear readers. I love my new haircut but if asked, whether I'd prefer my straight cut to my fringes, I'd go with the former.

On a lighter note, here's one of the many lookbooks for winters that I'm going to display all winter season long on my blog. I've always wanted to try this look but somehow it was never done. I've tried this look in both of my colleges and got a positive response. For all the fashion students and people in the creative fields in colleges should definitely don this look this winters. It's a big hit amongst fashion colleges for sure!


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

What It's Like to be in Two Colleges

Almost every day I am asked, "what it's like to be in two colleges?" People belonging to all age groups ask me this question. Whether it's my friends from one college or my relatives from a different generation. And I'm pretty sure that half of you have opened this post only to know the answer to the same question.
But first, I'd love it if you go through my recent shoot and then you'll find the answer and the explanation to this question.

I'm pursuing Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University, Noida and in NIFT, I'm studying Creative Fashion Styling which is a six months long course. My attendance in all the subjects, in both the courses has to be above 75%. Otherwise, I'll get debarred in Amity and won't get a degree in NIFT. In this semester, I have nine subjects in Amity while this month in NIFT, I'm studying three subjects (subjects change according to the set classes).
I get assignments in both the colleges for all the subjects. In fact NIFT teachers give 2-3 assignments in each class which we have to submit before the next class. If we fail to submit even one assignment, we won't get a certificate.
To be honest, it is no cake walk. I have a tight schedule which I have to follow at all times. I can't procrastinate or I'll be behind in one college or in my blog.
I've lost a lot of sleep and I now have bags under my eyes which are not ready to leave. Oh, and I'm constantly dependent on coffee to get through the day. Even on the days when I don't have classes in NIFT, I have to do assignments and keep up with my course. Attendance in Amity is always an issue so maintaining it is any way a big task. Now with my other college, I'm always on the edge.
I feel tired most of the times and on days when I can't chill even when I deserve to, I feel very agitated and I scream at anybody who tries talking to me.

This is my second month in NIFT and I feel that now I'm coping. In the first month, I couldn't manage much and used to end up crying on one out of three days. I questioned my decision of joining NIFT millions of times during my crying sessions.
Because of being into so many things, I couldn't give any time to my family. My sister had to drag me from my room to spend time with her. Most of the time, I'm still not able to give them time because of a tight schedule but I'm trying to improve. My friends obviously had the same problem that time was always an issue with me.
The worst incident was when I got a severe eye allergy and dryness (still have it). I got it because firstly, all my work is online so I'm hooked to my laptop. Secondly, I used to put lenses for 12-15 hours each day which dried my eyes. Thirdly, because of lack of sleep, my eyes were getting no rest at all. They started turning bloodshot red and I had to give up my lenses for a month. Now I'm allowed to use my laptop but I've to take breaks to give rest to my eyes.
One month into being in NIFT, I got a call for an interview for the post of a fashion intern at Cosmopolitan India. Now dear readers, I must tell you that Cosmo is my dream place to work at. Ever since I've started this blog, I have dreamed of working there. I went to give the interview. I was given just three minutes. It was the shortest interview of my life but after giving it, I was given the internship. I could work at my dream place and learn from one of the best people of the fashion industry. I obviously couldn't do the internship because the timings didn't work out. It took me a week to recover from this incident.
And just last week, I got an internship offer from Harper's Bazaar Bride as a fashion intern. Still couldn't do the internship because of the same tight schedule. Let's just say that this time my heart was not completely broken.

But I feel that once I've finished this course, I'll have more experience and more knowledge. I'll obviously be able to perform much better than I can now. There's tons of growth in both my courses and even though it's one hell of a ride, I don't regret even for a second for opting this course along with my other course and blog.


Friday, 3 November 2017

I Have a Disease. I Can't Stop Shopping!

I first saw Confessions of a Shopaholic when I was in school. I still remember how fascinating the entire movie was for me because I could relate with Rebecca Bloomwood SO much!
Just like she couldn't say no to clothes and found any possible reason to shop, I can't stop buying clothes just because I'm bored or I need to cheer myself up. 

There was this one time when I shopped online off the hook. I bought something every day for 3 weeks. Because of a tight schedule, my entire family had odd timings of going home so there was nobody to collect my orders. To not delay the procedure I had asked all the delivery guys to give the orders to my next-door neighbor. My neighbor accepted my order once. Then twice. Then thrice. But after that, he blatantly said no. My neighbor also shared the fact that he thought of me as an insane girl who has no life apart from purchasing clothes and makeup. Apart from the humiliation caused by my dearest neighbor, there were also incidents which made me realize that I have a disease of shopping. 
Don't get me wrong dear readers. I still don't get up at 5:00AM to reach the Forever 21 sale or buy something just because it's not there in my closet. But, when I see something that I like, I have to, have to buy it. And if you too get haunting dreams of the things that you don't buy then you're no different than me. I'll admit something out loud. As soon as I get my pocket money or the money that I earn from a campaign or internship, I spend 97% of it on clothes. There are so many times when my friends want to go out to eat and I tell them, "I can't go for lunch. I spent my lunch money on clothes" (let's not discuss the kind of looks I get after using this line").
Now I've practically never met anybody who loves shopping as much as me but I'm sure most of the girls out there have a similar mindset.
This post is to all those ladies out there who are sailing in the same boat as mine!