Friday, 29 September 2017

Durga Puja Special

This time of the year is pretty exciting because it's the time when the festivities take place. One festival which has my attention this year is Durga Puja.
Durga Puja is a multi-day festival that marks the battle of goddess Durga with the shape-shifting buffalo demon Mahishasura and her emerging as victorious. The festival incorporates the victory of Good over Evil and is in part a harvest festival that marks the goddess as a motherly power behind all of life and creation. Inspired from Bongs and the women of Kolkata, I've compiled a look for Durga Puja. I really wanted to don a laal paar saree but it just couldn't work out. But the look I compiled came out really well. See for yourself-

Pictures credit: Kanika Sharma


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  1. i am quite fascinated by such festivals. they look so lively. by the way i love what you are wearing and also, you are truly beautiful. keep posting more from you