Sunday, 13 August 2017

Dressing Up for Work

I've grown up watching my mom getting dressed up for office. Five days a week, she used to diligently get up at 6:30 AM, make food for the entire family and then spend the rest of her time in getting ready. On days when she wore a saree, her excitement was at epitome. But I looked forward to the days when she would don formals. Every time she took out one of the many trousers that she owned and paired it with a blazer, I told myself that this is exactly how I'll dress up for office when I start working.
I recently got to implement the work mode look when I went to give an interview to NIFT for a short course. Although the interview was to get admission in that college and not for work, I felt I could try one of the looks that I saw my mom create for office. It turned out pretty well as I felt that I was authoritative (which is a damn good feeling if you're going to the best fashion college in India).
Also, as I cracked the interview, I think I'm going to always don formal wear to important events. Here's what I paired for my interview-

Pantsuit: Stalk Buy Love
Shirt: American Swan
Heels: Marks&Spencer
Hair by: Blobar 


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