Wednesday, 23 August 2017

I Said Yes to Bodycon!

I used to believe that there is nothing nice about a bodycon dress.
It's too tight. It's too short. It's too sticky.
Not that I wasn't able to pull it off but bodycon clothes never seemed to escape from my wardrobe after a one time use. There was no comfort in those clothes and my body could just not function freely in a bodycon. Basically, I had lost all hopes of finding a bodycon dress which would be exactly what I want. 
Lucky for me, one evening when I was diligently browsing the net for online shopping, I came across a blue bodycon dress on StalkBuyLove. My instant thoughts went on the clothes that never saw the sunlight and were piled up in my wardrobe. 

Was I ready to give bodycons another shot after what happened to those poor souls?

As it turned out, I was. In fact I enjoyed playing street style darling for this one! 
Oh, and so many people told me that this bodycon is nothing like what I usually wear but it looks very smart on me and that I should invest more in such clothes. 

Nothing better than a few unexpected compliments right?  

Dress: StalkBuyLove
Shoes: Koovs

Behind the camera: Kanika BatraAtul Maurya & Tushar Jangid


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My Experience of BloBar- India's First Only Blow Dry Bar!

Located right next to the Defence Bakery, BloBar is India's first blow dryer bar only. Everybody knew about this place even before its doors opened. This was because this bar wanted to create out of the simple concept of having a girls' club where you can either come and look ravishing with your girl friends or make new friends along with getting your hair done. They have mainly 8 hairstyles and all of them are named after cocktails (yes, you read it right!) The best part is that with every blow dryer, you get a complimentary mocktail/coffee.

As soon as I took the stairs, I was greeted with pictures of family, friends and every other person who helped in making BloBar happen. My first thought about the place was that it is so pretty and neat (not something you usually find in other parlors). The space was big enough to accommodate 15-20 people and work on 8-9 people's hair at once.

I had been wanting to pay the BloBar a visit ever since it opened but because of some thing or the other, I was never really able to go. After hearing tons about this place and seeing their work on my sister's hair, I was adamant to go here whenever I next wanted to get my hair done. The perfect opportunity came when I planned the Dressing Up for Work shoot. On the day of the shoot, I canceled every other plan I had for the day and headed to the BloBar. Sargam, the owner of BloBar was super sweet. It's a good feeling when you feel welcomed at a place and she definitely nails it when it comes to hospitality. She chatted with me for a while and then asked Umair to take it forward from there.
Umair first washed my hair and then used conditioner. He made sure that my hair was fresh and perfectly prepped for the blow dryer. Before starting with the blow dryer, I walked him through the concept of my shoot. He suggested a few hairdos and we settled on keeping it simple but with volume on the crown section. He used hair spray to make my hair look heavy and used a round brush to give curls on the end. I told him that the shoot will take an entire evening so I want something that will stay. He worked beautifully and made sure that I got exactly what I asked for. While he was working on my hair, Umair gave me a few tips on what else I can do to take care of my hair. It took Umair just 15 minutes to do my blow dry my hair and the outcome was just breath taking!

I loved how beautiful my hair turned out after the process was completed. Oh, and these curls lasted till the next day (curls never last on my hair for more than 3 hours, you guys!) This gem of a place is definitely on the top of my list and I'm soon going to go back here to try on different blow dryers. 

Where: 36, 1st Floor, Defence Colony, Main Market 
Contact: (011)-40-8000-70


Sunday, 13 August 2017

Dressing Up for Work

I've grown up watching my mom getting dressed up for office. Five days a week, she used to diligently get up at 6:30 AM, make food for the entire family and then spend the rest of her time in getting ready. On days when she wore a saree, her excitement was at epitome. But I looked forward to the days when she would don formals. Every time she took out one of the many trousers that she owned and paired it with a blazer, I told myself that this is exactly how I'll dress up for office when I start working.
I recently got to implement the work mode look when I went to give an interview to NIFT for a short course. Although the interview was to get admission in that college and not for work, I felt I could try one of the looks that I saw my mom create for office. It turned out pretty well as I felt that I was authoritative (which is a damn good feeling if you're going to the best fashion college in India).
Also, as I cracked the interview, I think I'm going to always don formal wear to important events. Here's what I paired for my interview-

Pantsuit: Stalk Buy Love
Shirt: American Swan
Heels: Marks&Spencer
Hair by: Blobar