Wednesday, 29 March 2017

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Interning

I have spent a good amount of time on my blog (considering this is the sixth year) writing about things related to fashion and lifestyle. But last year after my boards ended, I knew that it's time to gain professional experience now- learn from those who knew better than me. I applied at zillions of fashion start ups, companies and digital magazines and my effort did eventually pay off. I started getting responses, some were positive while some simply declining my application.
Now after one year, when I look back at that time, I feel I should have known these things before I started interning-

A Strong Cover Letter
Your cover letter is basically a letter where you can show your passion for the position or the company. From why you want to intern there to what are your expectations from this internship, it contains everything. I made one after 7-8 months and by then it was too late. You should always include this letter in your mail to give an insight about your vision and goals.

Know the Company- Company 101
If you get through the applying phase, start reading everything about the company. Nobody wants to have an umm moment where they have no answer to give. I've had that moment once or twice so trust me when I say this- YOUR INTERVIEWER IS GOING TO CRINGE AND DISLIKE YOU ALREADY! 
Be prepared and if needed, know something about the employees as well. 

Don't Be Scared of Speaking
I'm a talker so my sister and friends always advice me to talk less. I blindly trusted their advice and screwed two-three interviews like that. It happened because I wasn't able to express myself freely and I left many pros about myself. Don't be afraid of talking much. Express yourself and tell those things which you feel is necessary to be told. Also make sure that you're not blabbering and boring the person sitting in front of you. 

Sample of Your Work
Carry the samples of your work to your interview. Let it do the talking for you. I once took my fashion photography folder and it really helped me but it was after I learned from my prior experiences. Samples will show how experienced and talented you are and will surely please your interviewer.

Crack The "Why Do You Want This Internship?" question 
This is the concluding question of all interviews. No matter which industry you choose, if you fail to nail this one, then you can kiss the internship goodbye. Ask yourself this question ten times or more but do come up with a response. I now include the benefits that the company can offer, my growth prospects, learning to work out of my comfort zone etc.

Know Your Industry
No matter what field you choose, know the important people of your industry along with the kind of work they do. Interviews can be pretty general so don't be shocked if the interviewer mentions somebody well known from your field. The important names and their works should be your household topics!

Ask for Work 
This stage comes after you're hired. If you feel that you're idle for long, ask for work. Do any sort of work even if it is filling cups and cups of coffees for your bosses. Learn the left and right of every department. This will help you in the longer run for sure and the amount of appreciation you'll get by the end of the internship will be immense.


Saturday, 4 March 2017

Spring Comes Early.

Don't know about you but I was pretty bummed about the fact that Spring came early this year. I'm a sucker for Winters and now all I can think about is how badly I'm going to get tanned. (And imagine, March has JUST started.)
Recently I payed a visit to Sarojini Nagar where I was only able to spot clothes with bad quality and bad designs. I was nearly heartbroken when I stumbled upon this super pretty playsuit with a floral print. (Even my best friend had eyes on it!) For 300 bucks, it was a great purchase. I styled this playsuit with comfortable flats and a peachish-pink shoulder bag from Koovs. 

Jumpsuit: Sarojini Nagar
Flats: Venus Steps
Bag: Koovs

Until next time.