Thursday, 15 December 2016

All Black This Winter!

A few days back, one of my bestfriend's friend pointed out that I own too many black clothes. She said that every time we met, I was in something black. Rest of the times, my pictures were enough to give her a fair idea of the number of LBDs that lie in my closet. Not to mention, I've already ordered a black dress for New Year. (Guilty!)
Now that winters have finally emerged in Delhi, I've stocked my closet with all blacks, greys and dark blues. Bright colors are pretty great but winters for me is all about wearing dark colors. Today's post is on my recently purchases which includes the black half jacket and the grey woolen scarf. The post is a pretty small one but I've got a lot of exciting things lined up for the upcoming posts so bear with me! Oh, and I paired my favorite brown boots to go with the all black outfit.

Black half jacket: Sarojini Nagar 
Jeggings: Zara
Boots: TSG
Scarf: H&M


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