Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Universe of Us by Lang Leav: Book Review

How often do you come across books which touch your soul and change your life? For me books with which you can relate are the best read. Having followed Lang Leav's writing on Facebook for quite some time now, I went ahead and ordered her recently launched poetry- The Universe of Us in order to keep her poetry closer than just screenshots in my phone.
For the one's who have absolutely no clue about the author, Lang Leav's bio section on Facebook will tell you that she's the international best-selling author of Love & Misadventure, Lullabies and Memories. She also happens to be the winner of a Qantas Spirit of Youth Award and coveted Churchill Fellowship. A former artist and fashion designer, The Universe of Us is the fourth book my Lang Leav.

"He and I collided like two predestined stars and in that brief moment I felt what it was like to be immortal."

Launched on 4th October '16, (my blog's birthday date!) The Universe of Us is a poetry collection which talks about the pain one feels when somebody is gone. It talks about love and the power it has, to change a person from who he was to what he's become now. It talks about both being lost and found. Lang talks about self-love and how it can give you inner calm and peace. She talks about loving somebody so deeply that you can't help but feel more and more each day for that person. Or in her words, "tomorrow I will tell you that I love you. And nothing in the world can stop the maddening rush of those three words." But most importantly, this book incorporates emotions which are universally felt. The book doesn't only have pages filled of the emotions felt by a person. But it also talks about hope, solace and epiphany. You can learn, get inspired and feel a lot more better from this book. It has word which you will fall for. Words which will break you. And words which you can only say to yourself.
This book will stick with you forever, making you face the hard reality of life along with hoping for the best.

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