Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Has Social Media Ruined Everything For Us?

Every morning after my alarm clock greets me, the first thing I do is check the updates on my phone. Every morning I also end up never making it on time to class because of those updates. And I also know as a matter of fact that a huge lot of you do the exact same thing. Those messages which reached my iPhone overnight are not running anywhere or my previous day's Instagram post isn't disappearing in thin air. But it still doesn't stop me from staying in my bed for extra 30 minutes to go back and forth the same social media apps present in my phone. Social media is also the reason why I pull all nighters every now and then. We'v all been in that place where we tell ourselves, "one more minute and then I'm off to sleep."
Don't get me wrong dear readers. It will be hypocritical of me to say that I'm against social media. Social media has helped my blog really grow and reach a larger audience than word of mouth ever could. To be honest, I'd feel brain dead without my phone. But it didn't hit me until the fashion week that social media has truly ruined everything for us. With hardly any time to spare, I somehow managed to watch a great deal of the final day's shows. With 11% battery in my phone (fuck you Apple), I couldn't make much use of my phone so I put it in my bag and decided to retain the shows in my mind. That was the time when I saw how engrossed everybody was in tweeting or instagramming instantly. (I do know the amount of  conflicting arguments this point may raise) Media is after all supposed to inform their audience about the event they're covering. But what about the hard work put in for the setup or the details of the clothes? Did you give the footwear a glance? Did you relate with the muse or the theme of the show?
Social media has distanced people from each other. Just the other day, my best friend was at my place and she spent a good amount of time sending snapchats to her friends in the dog filter. After that ended, her Whatsapp conversations started. Then came the casual Facebook scrolling. She eventually had to put her phone in the bag or I would have smashed it. So social media did ruin the time my best friend and I could spend together. We had a great time after that but the time she wasted on checking the same notifications could be spent in talking for some more time.
My friends know it by heart now that if they're coming to meet me, they have to leave their virtual self who is active on all apps at home.
It's not like I don't use these apps a lot. I'm pretty active myself.
But I've made it a point to not survive by these apps. You should also not.



  1. Does the cr also have to leave his phone at home?😂😋

    1. Haha, I didn't once mention in the post that you should leave your phone at home!:)

    2. Yess. There's that. So only the virtual self, eh? :*

  2. this is the new reality, better start accepting it