Sunday, 16 October 2016

Working with Noir at AIFWSS17!

This edition of Amazon India Fashion Week was an altogether different experience for me. Since the past 4 years, I've been covering the fashion week only for my blog. But this year I got the chance to intern with Noir (the official videography team of FDCI) as a fashion stylist. Today was the final day of AIFW and the past five days were simply a blast. As a fashion enthusiast, this edition of the fashion week was all about discovering a completely different and exciting side of the event.

My work with Noir started from the fittings which took place three days before the fashion week. Fittings were extremely fun because I saw the show routine take place, models getting candid and the hairstyles with makeup being tried. Fittings were enjoyable also because I got to interview around 10 designers for sneak peaks.
And when AIFW started, I learned how to adjust and use a mic. I also learned how to connect it to a camera! (To all the photographers and videographers, please don't mock me after this) Then I got the chance to enhance my communication skills because my work required a lot of interaction with people for street style spotting.

During working with Noir, I didn't compromise on covering the fashion week for my blog. Whenever I had free time, I rushed to MSA 1 and 2 to watch the shows. (Many of you will be proud to know that there were times when I dragged my team along) I did miss on a lot of good shows like- Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan, Gauri & Nainika, Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna but the experience of working with Noir compensated it. 

The highlight of my internship was when I got to work backstage with a team member. Never having been there before, it was somehow a life changing experience for me. The way my team member- Abhilasha shot the models lining up, makeup getting done and the hustle in the green room was truly a vision. I witnessed her capturing the minutest details, changing position in seconds just to get that one perfect shot even when the tripod was not available. She worked passionately and made sure that I was always briefed of what was happening around. Backstage was chaotic, no doubt but it was also the place where the actual work was taking place. 

I barely got to know where these five days went and this only happened because of a mind blowing experience with Noir. Here's hoping that the next coming fashion week will also be a fruitful experience! 


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