Saturday, 29 October 2016

TMxCraftsvilla: Diwali Lookbook

Diwali has always been the most awaited festival for me. It's that time of the wear when despite there being no wedding, you get to dress up as formally as you want. I spent a good amount of time in South Delhi hunting for my dream outfit but ended up coming home empty handed. As all my readers know this by heart now, I am a sucker for online shopping. Whenever I'm having a crisis in fashion, online websites come to my rescue. This time it was no different. Facebook helped me locate Craftsvilla- a website which has a wide collection of ethnic wear for both men and women. At first I was skeptical to order ethnic wear from an online website but then I thought about the lehenga which was lying in my cart. I had to get that outfit or it would have haunted me for the rest of my life. The lehenga was everything that I had dreamed of. The quality was stupendous, ghagra was light and the outfit made me feel pretty, In a nutshell, it was a great buy.
The digital print lehenga that I ordered came semi stitched so I got the choli designed and got a latkan put on the ghagra. As I got an off shoulder choli made, I decided to keep it simple by donning only heavy indian earrings. The length of the ghagra was just perfect for my height so I chose a jutti for the footwear.

 Lehenga: Craftsvilla Simple Lehenga; Earrings: Greater Kailash 1


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Working with Noir at AIFWSS17!

This edition of Amazon India Fashion Week was an altogether different experience for me. Since the past 4 years, I've been covering the fashion week only for my blog. But this year I got the chance to intern with Noir (the official videography team of FDCI) as a fashion stylist. Today was the final day of AIFW and the past five days were simply a blast. As a fashion enthusiast, this edition of the fashion week was all about discovering a completely different and exciting side of the event.

My work with Noir started from the fittings which took place three days before the fashion week. Fittings were extremely fun because I saw the show routine take place, models getting candid and the hairstyles with makeup being tried. Fittings were enjoyable also because I got to interview around 10 designers for sneak peaks.
And when AIFW started, I learned how to adjust and use a mic. I also learned how to connect it to a camera! (To all the photographers and videographers, please don't mock me after this) Then I got the chance to enhance my communication skills because my work required a lot of interaction with people for street style spotting.

During working with Noir, I didn't compromise on covering the fashion week for my blog. Whenever I had free time, I rushed to MSA 1 and 2 to watch the shows. (Many of you will be proud to know that there were times when I dragged my team along) I did miss on a lot of good shows like- Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan, Gauri & Nainika, Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna but the experience of working with Noir compensated it. 

The highlight of my internship was when I got to work backstage with a team member. Never having been there before, it was somehow a life changing experience for me. The way my team member- Abhilasha shot the models lining up, makeup getting done and the hustle in the green room was truly a vision. I witnessed her capturing the minutest details, changing position in seconds just to get that one perfect shot even when the tripod was not available. She worked passionately and made sure that I was always briefed of what was happening around. Backstage was chaotic, no doubt but it was also the place where the actual work was taking place. 

I barely got to know where these five days went and this only happened because of a mind blowing experience with Noir. Here's hoping that the next coming fashion week will also be a fruitful experience! 


Friday, 14 October 2016

Genderless on the Ramp of Abraham & Thakore at AIFWAW17

Fashion shows which have exciting setups are the ones I look the most forward to. Although I was put off by the first look of Abraham & Thakore's ramp, yet I went ahead and sat in the media pit (which is quite a pain if you ask me) to get the best shots of the show. The 'Back to Work' show was opened by the stunning Lakshmi Rana in a tuxedo shirt and pyjamas. (If not the audience then I was pretty satisfied with this autumn-winter trend!)
Next came a line of the most comfortable looking clothes which also happened to look really trendy. The shade palette will be perfect for blending in any kind of work place. (Hello corporate fashion)
From churidar pants to choga jackets, from angarkha jackets to lungis, all fabrics used were of pure cotton. This was because the designers wanted to introduce a solution for all the individuals who are made to work in the heat. Ladies, stock this collection before it's too late.

The highlight of this show was when the male models were seen in bindis and lipstick and the women models in ties and nehru jackets. Clothes taken from both the genders were seen to be interchanged on the ramp to eliminate the idea of gender specific dressing. Indeed, a bold move. Abhraham & Thakore had my heart after they portrayed this beautiful concept. 
Something refreshing and comforting was seen on the show because of simple separates and subtle colors. 

The first day of AIFW was everything that I had hoped for and in some instances even better. This time with backstage, street style and the runway to cover, I will get to experience a completely new side of the fashion week. Here's hoping it gets only better!

Until next time.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Power Dressing and Why It Is Important.

Power dressing was born in the early 20s but wasn't developed before the 80s. The roots of power dressing date back to 1920s when Chanel introduced a suit consisting of a woolen skirt and a button-up jacket with tight fitted sleeves. The Chanel suit was the deal breaker of that time for women and then there was no stopping of the changing lifestyle. Blouses which initially belonged to the "date look" category took place in the power dressing one. Fabrics like silk and satin were also extensively used. All this was pleasurably accepted because this was just after the World War I had ended and the society was being dominated by men. It was time for change. Power dressing made women feel authoritative and gave them a sort of power which their society never could. You can find millions of definitions of power dressing if you Google it. But for me it is the piece of clothing which makes you feel confident and invincible. 
Every body has a weakness which makes them weak in the knees. My weakness is that I have stage fright. Those who know me fail to understand how it is possible. A girl who can blurt out her true inner feelings to somebody at every chance she gets is also the girl who tries to look for a way to escape from addressing a class of 60. Funny, isn't it? 
It's been quite a while since I've been trying to overcome my silly fear. One such attempt led me to dressing differently when I had to address a gathering or speak in front of a large crowd. Mark Twain's famed quote, "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." somehow started making sense. 
Body-con dresses, shirts, heels and peplums help me in overcoming my stage fright. I might not have crossed the tunnel yet but I know that with the help of these clothing styles and other approaches, I soon will someday. 

Top: Ajio; Jeggings: Zara; 
Heels: Venus; Shoe Accessory: Steve Madden