Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Why Getting Highlights Was A Mistake

As many of you might already know, a few months ago I got my hair highlighted in a light shade of brown. The move was sudden and stupid. Doing things in a rush is something quite expected from me considering the fact that I don't give anything a second thought.
Till the time the color hadn't touched my hair, my mom kept on pestering me to quit this thought and not ruin my beautiful black hair. At that time I thought that all moms find their daughter's hair to be beautiful so it's no big deal. How I wish to have listened to her that day.
The week that comes after getting something new done to your hair is always a pleasant one. You'll get noticed, hear 20 compliments a day, look prettier and feel confident. The same happened with me. I was on cloud nine and the feeling that my life cannot get any better wasn't ready to leave. But after that pleasant first week, comes reality. After every wash, my hair changed color. The more I washed my hair, the more I regretted the decision of getting them colored in the first place. I freaked out so badly that I started pulling out the highlighted strands of my hair. Also, my hair got so rough and frizzy that I couldn't step out of my house without applying serum to it. (Toni & Guy's natural hair serum was a great support at this time!)
Was I delusional? Completely. Was I ready to stop? Not at all.
Finally after weeks of pulling out the colored strands, I decided to again make a rash decision. I bought L'Oreal Paris' Natural Brown Hair Coloring pack and used it on my hair. 
Now in normal circumstances, my mom would scold me and get really pissed for not thinking rationally and doing the first thing that pops in my head. But this time she stayed mum and waited for the result. It's not like anything could be done after I had applied the hair color. 
After 20 minutes of waiting and chanting the mantra, "I won't regret this" I washed my hair and waited for it to dry out. Now I had this mindset that my hair cannot get any worse so I wasn't really scared. Turns out, for the first time since months my judgement was right. The hair color turned out to be somewhat nice and tolerable. That was itself a lot for me considering my previous hair color was golden. 
The color of my hair is now light brown and it no longer shines in the sun. The color is just settling which is completely okay by me. I'm not completely satisfied but I can wait for my original hair to grow back with this color. 

My point of sharing my hair coloring experience with you all is that for your own sake, do not make such a rash decision when it comes to your hair. It can take at least one year for you to gain your former glory. Till then, you're just stuck with a bad hair color and frizzy hair. If you're in the mood of experimenting or trying something new, go for dip dye. At least if the color turns out to be bad, you can get your hair chopped off! 



  1. Uh ow.. I always want to get a little change with my long hair and changing the front hardly makes a difference since they grow back within weeks. As you were, I too am tempted to try out color and get some cool highlights. But before I make a final decision I come across someone who has terribly rough hair due to obvious color.
    I always tell myself I am too lazy to blow dry or straighten my hair every single before before going out, so that's how so far I am safe. Reading your post, I am sure I am not experimenting with my hair at all.

    1. Experimenting is not bad. I know better than anybody how monotonous it can be to wake up in the morning with the same kind of hair. But once your hair is ruined, you can hardly do anything to reverse it. You can always try a new haircut or different hairstyles. That's always a safe option!