Saturday, 24 September 2016

A Love Letter to My Blog

Everybody should have a happy place. A place where they can forget about the hardships of life, everyday struggles, fights with a love one and what work lies pending. Even that one thought which greets them in the remotest corner of the head should be forgotten in this place. This place should make you so so happy that you can easily forget about the thoughts which do not please you. And this place must only be yours.
Some find their happy place in music while some call another human being their happy place. My sister's happy place happens to be food!

It was around 3:00 AM and YouTube was my only source of entertainment. An international fashion blogger's makeup haul caught my attention at that time which further led me to locating her blog. After hours of researching and understanding whatever little I could about fashion blogging, I decided to give it a shot. Little did I know, I would end up discovering my happy place.
This was five years ago.
I was in the ninth grade when I took this plunge and trust me, it was no cake walk. Handling a blog and keep it running along with middle school was one hell of a task. Cheers to all those all nighters on a school night for covering events!
A huge credit also goes to my sister for being my personal photographer, accompanying me to events and also for driving me to the remotest corners of the city for blog work. You always, always need somebody who can keep up with your frenzies and she kept up with mine.
When I look back at that night, I still wonder what would have happened if I would have slept early?
There would be no Trendy Mannequin. I would probably be getting a degree in BBA and still trying to figure out what my dream career is. Lucky for me, I didn't sleep early that night. And here I am , five years later, loving every bit of my life primarily because of my blog.
The journey has truly been a beautiful one. Blogging for me was always about expressing my love for fashion, sharing whatever incidents struck my life and telling my readers stories that they would enjoy reading. I've never once felt like quitting and no matter how difficult it will get to take out time for this happy place, I will somehow manage to.
This one is for many, many more years of blogging!

Dress: evoguestore (customized) 

A beautiful photo story by the Time Shutterz!



  1. I'm still looking for my happy place!��
    And if you'd have took BBA how would I have found such a great friend na!��������

  2. You look so pretty.loved your blog.