Saturday, 23 July 2016

Monsoon Diaries by Rahul Mishra at the India Couture Week 2016

I'm a sucker for pretty show setups. Put me in a room with an out of the box setup and I'm all set for the next few hours. Rahul Mishra's Monsoon Diaries setup by Abhishek Kaushik was built by recycled paper which created illusions and gave a shadow effect.

Traditional techniques, flared silhouettes and handcrafted embroidery comprised Mishra's couture collection. The audience was stunned to see the zipper jacket and sari combo, blazer jackets with ghagras and capes instead of blouses. 
It was like the entire show had a story to tell. One that the whole crowd was eager to listen. 

The deal breaker of the show were the whites. The delicacy of these lehengas, the forest portraiture with peacocks recessing on the branches and the peplum blouses took my heart away. 
No doubt Mishra was the 2014 winner of the International Woolmark Prize! 

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