Saturday, 25 June 2016

The Floral Blast

Ever since cold shoulders/off shoulders became the new must haves, almost every girl seems to have completely forgotten about crop tops. You can still spot a lot of girls wearing off shoulder crop tops but hardly any who've put their faiths in normal crop tops.
This post is not about off shoulders or crop tops. In fact, it's about bright pastel colors. Colors play a major role in defining your outfits. While I'm a sucker for black, every once in a while even I like to invest in pastels.

Top, skirt & ring: Forever 21
Golden charm: Claire's 

This crop top falls in the category of my most comfortable and chic clothes. And as you can easily see, my highlights are turning blonde. This is a change which took place way too soon so get ready to see anything new on my hair in the upcoming posts! (Here's hoping the color gets transformed into something good)