Sunday, 12 June 2016

About Highlights And White Off Shoulders

Four days ago, I got up and decided to do something different with my hair. Ever since my hair got cut, I let go of the lingering thought I had about highlights. Being the impulsive decision maker that I am, I got my hair highlighted.
I went to the nearest Affinity salon and ate the guy's head who was going to color my hair. I briefed him for 20 minutes on which color I want, how I want my hair to look and how many highlights should be there after which he started with the process. 
After 3 hours of impatient waiting with tandoori momos and Depauls coffee, my hair had been highlighted in the exact shade I wanted. As I wanted something which gave a natural look yet was easily noticeable, the people at Affinity suggested a light shade of brown to go with my dark brown hair. Now I'm so gaga over my hair that I wont leave them alone. You can easily spot me playing with a colored strand after a minute or two. 
This post is also about my love for white off shoulders. I love the fact how all brands and stores are coming up with so many off shoulder tops in different designs. I'm a sucker for black but the summer of 2016 is all about white for me. A color like white is just perfect because it goes with anything and everything. There's nothing too formal or informal about white. It's a settling color. The balloon top that I'm wearing in this post lies in the category of boho clothing or the 70s fashion. 
Currently, I'm lusting over anything that is remotely related to the 70s! 

Top: H&M
Pants: Janpath
Bag: Cupcakes and Closet
Flats: TSG
Neckpiece: H&M


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