Sunday, 25 December 2016


December has to be the happiest month of the year only because of Christmas. Having studied in a convent school, Christmas was the festival that I curiously waited for. Our school made it a point to narrate the story of how Jesus was born and everything else that followed. With the start of December, we used to get to witness the prettiest of decorations. Oh, and we always had the chubbiest girl of the class as the Santa! I've made some pretty good memories in my school days but every time I think about this time, it makes me both happy and sad. Happy because of 14 beautiful Christmases and sad because this number won't increase. I will no longer be able to chase the chubby Santa for toffee! The month of December will always, always be a celebration for me.
When I came across this tulle tube dress on Koovs, I knew I had to put it in the cart and purchase it or it would haunt me for the rest of my life. The dress is so pretty that it speaks for itself. Thus, the minimal accessorizing.
Not many people can pull of tulle and all my life I assumed that I fell in that category but fortunately this dress turned out to be a bang on.

Dress: koovs; Heels: Marks & Spencers;
Earrings: H&M

Behind the lens: The super talented Megha Jain

Instagram: @meghasunflare


Thursday, 15 December 2016

All Black This Winter!

A few days back, one of my bestfriend's friend pointed out that I own too many black clothes. She said that every time we met, I was in something black. Rest of the times, my pictures were enough to give her a fair idea of the number of LBDs that lie in my closet. Not to mention, I've already ordered a black dress for New Year. (Guilty!)
Now that winters have finally emerged in Delhi, I've stocked my closet with all blacks, greys and dark blues. Bright colors are pretty great but winters for me is all about wearing dark colors. Today's post is on my recently purchases which includes the black half jacket and the grey woolen scarf. The post is a pretty small one but I've got a lot of exciting things lined up for the upcoming posts so bear with me! Oh, and I paired my favorite brown boots to go with the all black outfit.

Black half jacket: Sarojini Nagar 
Jeggings: Zara
Boots: TSG
Scarf: H&M


Saturday, 10 December 2016

An Eventful Evening with Blossom Kocchar At Her Book Launch!

Located in the bustling Hauz Khas Village, Blossom Kochhar Shop, Spalon and Tea Room is the brain child of Blossom Kochhar and her daughter Samantha Kochhar. Here you'll find products ranging from bath, haircare, bodycare and what not. All the products made by essential oils. Aroma Therapy is the third book written by Blossom Kochhar which talks about loving yourself, using aromatherapy for love, for fighting stress and depression, skin and hair care, how to attract love and also aroma therapy for men. You will also find 14 pages dedicated to lip smacking recipes of jams, crepes, sorbets, syrups and desserts.

As soon as I entered, I was welcomed with Spiced Blackcurrent infusion with Orange and Mint tea. The tea was so, so refreshing and delectable that I helped myself with another cup! Samantha Kochhar set the entire menu for the evening and everything that was served to us was made by her.

After everybody introduced themselves and got the box filled with goodies and the magic book or as Samantha likes to call it, 'the bible for women', we got the backstory of how Blossom used to experiment all the oils on Samantha and how both the women have grown up with aroma therapy. They believe that there is no problem which aroma therapy cannot solve. From joint pain to household problems, from hairfall to stress release, from bodycare to insomnia, aroma therapy has your back at all times.

We then got to exploring what's inside the book and gave some pages a good read. Once we got done with the book reading, Blossom helped us make our own oils. I wanted my oil to have a sweet fragrance so I decided to go with Sandalwood, Jasmine and Patchouli. After the third attempt, I finally managed to create a decent smelling oil. The activity was entertaining because everybody was struggling with the testers and creating fragrances which were either too good or too bad.

Then we were greeted with food which was out of this world. Samantha cooked Jasmine Rice Salad along with Roasted Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup for us. The salad was like a pop of flavors in the mouth. While the soup was rich and calmed our nerves. 

The best part of the evening was the three-tier course meal. On the top was Chocolate Balls covered in Coconut and Rose Petals. These balls were so good that I ended up eating three! (So much for controlling sugar) Second tier consisted of Mushroom Cheese Bruschetta. I'm allergic to mushrroms so I stayed as far as I could from it. The third and the last tier was my favorite- Goat Cheese Strawberries and Jalapeno Bruschetta. It was spicy and the cheese melted in the mouth. The strawberries neutralized the chilly on the bruschetta.  

I had a lovely time at the book launch as Blossom Kochhar enhanced our knowledge on aroma therapy and even gave us the essential oils to try at home. 


Friday, 9 December 2016

Self Value In Today's Time

A few months back I talked about power dressing and why it is important on the blog. Consider this the sister post of that blog. Self value is what defines you in front of people. It's the believe you inculcate about yourself. The brands you wear or the smartphone you use or even the kind of people you hang out with do not define you. But let's face the hard reality of life that every now and then you do feel that you're worthy of little or nothing at all. This can be because of a bad incident or a tiff with a loved one. You question your value and your beliefs go in the bin. In my case, my clothes reflect on how I'm feeling about myself. On the days when I'm feeling gloomy, you will find me in my girls bite back sweatshirt. But on the days when everything is in  my favor, I will be donning my finest clothes. Today's post is special for me because it's the first winter post of 2016. Being a sucker for winters, I'm pretty dejected because the cold weather hasn't really hit Delhi. (And imagine, the month of December is going on!) But here's hoping that the next week is colder than this one.

I have a fondness for long sweaters and getting this extremely soft sweater was like winning the lottery. I decided to don my basic brown boots to add a little color to the outfit. You can always put your faith in woolen scarfs if you want to layer your outfit or give it some detailing.

Sweater: Thrift
Jeggings: Zara
Scarf: H&M
Boots: TSG
Ring: H&M


Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Universe of Us by Lang Leav: Book Review

How often do you come across books which touch your soul and change your life? For me books with which you can relate are the best read. Having followed Lang Leav's writing on Facebook for quite some time now, I went ahead and ordered her recently launched poetry- The Universe of Us in order to keep her poetry closer than just screenshots in my phone.
For the one's who have absolutely no clue about the author, Lang Leav's bio section on Facebook will tell you that she's the international best-selling author of Love & Misadventure, Lullabies and Memories. She also happens to be the winner of a Qantas Spirit of Youth Award and coveted Churchill Fellowship. A former artist and fashion designer, The Universe of Us is the fourth book my Lang Leav.

"He and I collided like two predestined stars and in that brief moment I felt what it was like to be immortal."

Launched on 4th October '16, (my blog's birthday date!) The Universe of Us is a poetry collection which talks about the pain one feels when somebody is gone. It talks about love and the power it has, to change a person from who he was to what he's become now. It talks about both being lost and found. Lang talks about self-love and how it can give you inner calm and peace. She talks about loving somebody so deeply that you can't help but feel more and more each day for that person. Or in her words, "tomorrow I will tell you that I love you. And nothing in the world can stop the maddening rush of those three words." But most importantly, this book incorporates emotions which are universally felt. The book doesn't only have pages filled of the emotions felt by a person. But it also talks about hope, solace and epiphany. You can learn, get inspired and feel a lot more better from this book. It has word which you will fall for. Words which will break you. And words which you can only say to yourself.
This book will stick with you forever, making you face the hard reality of life along with hoping for the best.

You can get your copy from-


Monday, 14 November 2016

Street Shopping Guide: Paharganj

Located near the New Delhi Railway Station, Paharganj is a place not known by many. Those who've never gone there think of it as a place which is very very far. (I happened to be one of those people)
Having heard a lot before about Paharganj's accessories, I decided to finally go explore this intriguing place. Now you have to keep in mind a lot of things if you're going to Paharganj for the first time.
For all the people who've never been there, this post is going to really help you guys out.

Avoid taking your car or going in a cab because the roads are not that wide. Metro is your best option as the market is just walking distance from the metro station. On the plus side, every body is very helpful and will guide you in case you're lost.
Nearest metro station: Ramakrishna Ashram Marg
Get down on gate no. 2 and start walking towards the shops. That is the starting point of Paharganj's main market, called the Main Bazaar.

As all the shops are located at short distances from each other, you'll have to walk. Taking a rickshaw or auto is not an option. Paharganj has a huge variety of jewellery, clothes, juttis and Indian handicrafts so it won't be difficult to find the things you want. Oh, and I also spotted many dream catchers of different sizes and colors in every shop!
Once you've decided what you want, bargain for the item at a reasonable price which will suit both you and the shopkeeper. (bargaining is tough in this market so be careful with the price you quote.) For those who are not used to walking a lot, please keep a bottle of water in your bag and carry a chocolate to keep your sugar up. You'll also be able to easily spot eating joints and departmental stores there.
I took Rs.1500 which included Rs. 200 for travelling and rest for buying only earrings.
I came home pretty pleased as I got 15 pair of earrings, one bracelet and one ring for 1300 bucks!

1. Only wear flats when planning to go to Paharganj. You have to walk a lot and uncomfortable footwear just won't do. 
2. Carry only change. Your bargaining will be of no use if the shopkeeper sees the amount of money you're carrying. 
3. Your attire should cover your body to a good extend because Paharganj is very crowded and you won't always find good crowd there. (I went to shop in a suit!)
4. Always, always take a friend along because the market is pretty huge and there are chances you might get bored if alone. After all, what's more fun than twinning with your best friend?
5. Carry a big bag. Your things will be safe and secure if you have a big bag to store them in. Thus reducing the chances of theft. 

This market is a must visit for all the fashion lovers and enthusiasts. (Specially for the girls who fell in love with Anushka Sharma's earrings from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil!)


Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Has Social Media Ruined Everything For Us?

Every morning after my alarm clock greets me, the first thing I do is check the updates on my phone. Every morning I also end up never making it on time to class because of those updates. And I also know as a matter of fact that a huge lot of you do the exact same thing. Those messages which reached my iPhone overnight are not running anywhere or my previous day's Instagram post isn't disappearing in thin air. But it still doesn't stop me from staying in my bed for extra 30 minutes to go back and forth the same social media apps present in my phone. Social media is also the reason why I pull all nighters every now and then. We'v all been in that place where we tell ourselves, "one more minute and then I'm off to sleep."
Don't get me wrong dear readers. It will be hypocritical of me to say that I'm against social media. Social media has helped my blog really grow and reach a larger audience than word of mouth ever could. To be honest, I'd feel brain dead without my phone. But it didn't hit me until the fashion week that social media has truly ruined everything for us. With hardly any time to spare, I somehow managed to watch a great deal of the final day's shows. With 11% battery in my phone (fuck you Apple), I couldn't make much use of my phone so I put it in my bag and decided to retain the shows in my mind. That was the time when I saw how engrossed everybody was in tweeting or instagramming instantly. (I do know the amount of  conflicting arguments this point may raise) Media is after all supposed to inform their audience about the event they're covering. But what about the hard work put in for the setup or the details of the clothes? Did you give the footwear a glance? Did you relate with the muse or the theme of the show?
Social media has distanced people from each other. Just the other day, my best friend was at my place and she spent a good amount of time sending snapchats to her friends in the dog filter. After that ended, her Whatsapp conversations started. Then came the casual Facebook scrolling. She eventually had to put her phone in the bag or I would have smashed it. So social media did ruin the time my best friend and I could spend together. We had a great time after that but the time she wasted on checking the same notifications could be spent in talking for some more time.
My friends know it by heart now that if they're coming to meet me, they have to leave their virtual self who is active on all apps at home.
It's not like I don't use these apps a lot. I'm pretty active myself.
But I've made it a point to not survive by these apps. You should also not.


Saturday, 29 October 2016

TMxCraftsvilla: Diwali Lookbook

Diwali has always been the most awaited festival for me. It's that time of the wear when despite there being no wedding, you get to dress up as formally as you want. I spent a good amount of time in South Delhi hunting for my dream outfit but ended up coming home empty handed. As all my readers know this by heart now, I am a sucker for online shopping. Whenever I'm having a crisis in fashion, online websites come to my rescue. This time it was no different. Facebook helped me locate Craftsvilla- a website which has a wide collection of ethnic wear for both men and women. At first I was skeptical to order ethnic wear from an online website but then I thought about the lehenga which was lying in my cart. I had to get that outfit or it would have haunted me for the rest of my life. The lehenga was everything that I had dreamed of. The quality was stupendous, ghagra was light and the outfit made me feel pretty, In a nutshell, it was a great buy.
The digital print lehenga that I ordered came semi stitched so I got the choli designed and got a latkan put on the ghagra. As I got an off shoulder choli made, I decided to keep it simple by donning only heavy indian earrings. The length of the ghagra was just perfect for my height so I chose a jutti for the footwear.

 Lehenga: Craftsvilla Simple Lehenga; Earrings: Greater Kailash 1


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Working with Noir at AIFWSS17!

This edition of Amazon India Fashion Week was an altogether different experience for me. Since the past 4 years, I've been covering the fashion week only for my blog. But this year I got the chance to intern with Noir (the official videography team of FDCI) as a fashion stylist. Today was the final day of AIFW and the past five days were simply a blast. As a fashion enthusiast, this edition of the fashion week was all about discovering a completely different and exciting side of the event.

My work with Noir started from the fittings which took place three days before the fashion week. Fittings were extremely fun because I saw the show routine take place, models getting candid and the hairstyles with makeup being tried. Fittings were enjoyable also because I got to interview around 10 designers for sneak peaks.
And when AIFW started, I learned how to adjust and use a mic. I also learned how to connect it to a camera! (To all the photographers and videographers, please don't mock me after this) Then I got the chance to enhance my communication skills because my work required a lot of interaction with people for street style spotting.

During working with Noir, I didn't compromise on covering the fashion week for my blog. Whenever I had free time, I rushed to MSA 1 and 2 to watch the shows. (Many of you will be proud to know that there were times when I dragged my team along) I did miss on a lot of good shows like- Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan, Gauri & Nainika, Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna but the experience of working with Noir compensated it. 

The highlight of my internship was when I got to work backstage with a team member. Never having been there before, it was somehow a life changing experience for me. The way my team member- Abhilasha shot the models lining up, makeup getting done and the hustle in the green room was truly a vision. I witnessed her capturing the minutest details, changing position in seconds just to get that one perfect shot even when the tripod was not available. She worked passionately and made sure that I was always briefed of what was happening around. Backstage was chaotic, no doubt but it was also the place where the actual work was taking place. 

I barely got to know where these five days went and this only happened because of a mind blowing experience with Noir. Here's hoping that the next coming fashion week will also be a fruitful experience!