Friday, 30 October 2015

I Got Scammed! Courtesy- Street Style Store.

Who wouldn't trust a website which has precisely 1,15,653 likes on it's Facebook page?
Anybody who would see their page, would believe that this online fashion store must have done something right to gain over one lakh likes. (At least I did!)
My mom who is just as fond of online shopping as I am, discovered this The first thing she did was shortlist a number of shirts and maxis for herself and then handed the laptop to me so that I could choose whatever I wanted. After adding the final items to the cart, my mom made the payment right away from her card (8th September). Those who are ardent readers of my blog are aware that I worship online shopping so this was no first timer for me.This website had a policy of delivering the orders within 3-21 days so I was prepared to wait till exactly 21 days. 
By the end of September, I completely forgot about the existence of the order I had made and just when the 21 days got completed, my mom reminded me of these clothes.  
I told her to give it a day or two and if the clothes still didn't get delivered, I'd contact the website.
I still waited for a few more days because sometimes deliveries can be late. (although it had never happened with me before)
Finally I messaged Street Style Store on their Facebook page as they seemed to be quite active there. (5th October) I told them about the situation and the fact that it had been over 25 days and I still hadn't received my clothes. I got a response the next day which stated that due to high rise in demand, this delay took place and that my shipment has been prioritized. As nothing got done, I again messaged them asking for a refund. (19th October) Even after that, their reply was, "your products are under the last stage of quality check and have been prioritised. Also, the delivery will be dispatched by Saturday." (24th October) 

I got my order just yesterday and I am truly appalled by this store. The package had only one piece out of the two that I had ordered. Istill haven't received a refund of the left out piece or a mail/message which would update me about it's whereabouts. 
In a nutshell, it was the worst online shopping experience that I've ever had. I've ordered from 100s of online stores a million times and never have I undergone such a shitty experience before. As Street Style Store's facebook page is flooded with negative comments, I'm not the only one who got scammed so you might just want to avoid hitting a 'like' for this one!



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