Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Falguni And Shane Peacock- BMWIBFW2015

As soon as I was let in for Falguni and Shane's show in the MSA area, my eyes were awestruck. The set instantly reminded me of Michael Angelo. As the set was so dynamic, my hopes became pretty high.
With the show known as That Is It, the designers' attempt was to narrate a story of love through their breath taking bridal collection.
France meets India in this collection and the designers entwine magic on the ramp.
With I Love to Tell the Story being sung in the background, first came a line of voluminous gowns in ivory white. These gowns were embellished with sequins embroidery and net. Fur of the same color was used to make the borders of some saris and gowns. The fur giving a French touch made some of the items stand out.
The collection which consisted of bold colors like blue and black contradicted the subtle ivory white one. Some gowns had corsets while some were heart-shaped. Velvet and sheer net was used for the formation of these gowns. If you are searching for something elegant, opt for the ones which are in bold colors from this collection. You will not be disappointed. 
The collection was simply flawless and by the end of the show, I was short of words because this was the best collection that I had witnessed. Now that the fashion week is over, my opinion lies the same. Falguni and Shane's fashion show was my top favorite and their designs turned out to be exemplary.

Looks like I've found myself a new pair of designers who are going to be on the top of my favorite designers' list!


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