Saturday, 18 July 2015


Ever since I got the stripes print high waist shorts from Zara, I wanted to find a pair of gladiators which would go perfect along. I might be having a lucky day when out of boredom I stumbled over Koovs and found the ones I was looking for. As most of you might be aware of, gladiators are trending. Call it rad or oh-so-fetch, everybody wants a pair of these beauties. This outfit was mix-matched when I was playing around with my clothes. I was quite happy with the result!
Get your gladiators now and match them with different outfits!

Blazer: The Angel's Network; Shorts: Zara;
Neckpiece: Marks&Spencers; Gladiators: Koovs


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Nykaa | Website Review.

In the era of digital, nothing is being left out. From clothes to groceries, the digital world is completely taking over. About a few thousand apparel and accessories stores have already marked their territory on Instagram. (I'm sure you would have spotted one and might have even followed it!)
When it comes to makeup, a person like me never trusts a website or an instagram page. I always take the initiative to go to a brand outlet or a cosmetic store. It's useful as I usually end up buying new items which weren't already on my list.
Recently, I discovered Nykaa, an online website which is home to all makeup tools, fragrances, hair, skincare and cosmetic selling brands like Maybelline, Colorbar, Bblunt and a lot many!
Keep your eyes wide open because you are in for a treat.

Just like you are offered variety of discounts on numerous clothes and accessories, Nykaa has a separate section of offers popping on the screen everyday. They've recently introduced additional discount offers on electronic appliances for a few days. Grab yours before the sale is long gone. (I can totally see a new hairdryer coming) They also provide you with free products from brands like Inglot on a minimum purchase. With hundreds of brands to choose from, you can now explore new cosmetic products in seconds!
This is your ultimate destination for makeup shopping.


Monday, 13 July 2015

A Television Series You Should Not Miss: Orange is the New Black.

There is nobody who doesn't savor a scandal. While we all have witnessed the Upper East Side battles in the six seasons of Gossip Girl, here's something new for you.
You might have just heard the name before but now it's time to know the story of the most talked about show- Orange is the New Black.

The protagonist of the show is Piper Chapman, an upper middle class New Yorker who has been sentenced for 15 months in a woman's federal prison convicted for transporting a suitcase full of drug money to her former girlfriend Alex Vause (international drug smuggler) 10 years back.
Piper's life completely changes when she has to leave her fiance Larry Bloom to be an inmate in the Litchfield Penitentiary prison.
In prison, she is reunited with Alex Vause completely unaware that Alex was the one who had exposed her. The other inmates' past stories and how they ended up in Litchfield is often shown to give the viewers a better comprehension of the characters.
The jail drama is totally new to Piper and in no time she's the one involved in almost every bit of it. While some inmates of Litchfield are trying their best to elapse their time peacefully, the others put faith in fighting and taking revenge in the most barbaric way.
The inmates who bond together usually end up screwing each other. There are combats over who will rule the kitchen, who will first take the shower and other petty issues which sum up the day of these prisoners. Most of them usually seem to be clear hearted and good persons who wouldn't end up in jail but when somebody gets to their bad side, the show seems to take a new direction.With being stuck up in jail for months and years, the characters are seen adjusting and accepting the jail as their residence.
For all those who enjoy witty comebacks, light hearted comedy, lesbian sex and women drama, Orange is the New Black will turn out to be your utmost favorite show.


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Crème- Product Review

Since quite a few months I have been reading about Colorbar's Deep Matte lip crème in almost every magazine. The recently launched Deep Matte comes in a 6ml bottle and has a variety of 10 shades to choose from. Ever since I stumbled across the first advertisement, I couldn't help but lust over the 001 Deep Red shade. But as soon as I visited a nearby Colorbar store, my excitement turned into trauma. The Deep Red didn't suit me. That shade wasn't for me. (trust me, I was desperate for this one!)
Nonetheless, I decided to try the other shades with a heavy heart.
Glad that I did, I ended up buying the 009 Deep Peach which was just what I wanted! I wasn't expecting on choosing a color like that but it went well with my complexion and turned out to be immaculate with a liner. The shade is dark so I usually use a tissue to make it a bit lighter. If you're looking for a lip gloss which is shiny yet subtle and can promise to stay on for hours, this collection of Colorbar can turn out to be your bestfriend. The color turns out to be rich and does not bleed. (no more trouble while eating)
Get yours now from the nearest store!

Until next time.