Tuesday, 16 June 2015

For The Love of Ethnic Wear.

I go to a school where I have to wear a suit 5 days a week, so you all can effortlessly estimate as to why this happens to be my first ethnic outfit post. I'm an ardent lover of dresses. Hand me money for lunch and I'd rather invest that money in a dress (although I'm a big foodie). But you can't opt for a dress everyday. Sometimes, certain situations or events require us to take out the ethnic wear or as I call it, minority species from inside our closets. So take those species out and give them some love!

Suit: W For Woman; Earrings: Thrift; 
Sliders: Venus Steps

I chose this suit because it's gravitating and chic. W has this wide collection of suits which are long in length and I just couldn't keep my hands off them. Kudos to the brand for their exquisite designs. 
Get your suits now! 

Until next time.


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