Tuesday, 2 June 2015

5 Instagram Shopping Pages You MUST Follow.

It's the time when online shopping is a big hit. It's convenient and affordable fashion at your doorsteps. As we all know, Instagram has become one huge frenzy for everybody around the globe. Anybody and everybody has made use of this stupendous app to the best possibility. The ones who have thrived the most from this app are the ones selling clothes, bags, shoes and every other thing related to fashion. These people and their instagram profiles are like a fantasy world for consumers like me who live on affordable fashion.
This post is dedicated to those instagram pages which sell classy fashion essentials at affordable prices which you must follow!

1. Anqi
Instagram & Facebook profile- @bagsbyanqi
If you're looking for the bag of your dreams, this instagram profile is your stop. This e-store sells the most adorable bags and it also offers giveaways! They specialize in spacious bags. From bagpacks to suitcase bags, they have it all. No more fidgeting with your things! They also offer custom box clutches.
Their bags range from 500-3500 bucks.

2. Fashion Police India
Instagram profile- @fashionpoliceindia
No outfit can be perfect without an accessory and this e-store makes sure your outfit is complete. This instagram profile sells exclusive accessories at stunning prices! From rings of different designs to dangly earrings, this store knows what is trending and what it's customers desire. Their collection is chic and they are known to always keep up with the trend. They ship across India and offer COD for Delhi & NCR.

3. Urbanhouse Accessories
Instagram profile- @urbanhouse_accessories
Want to stand out of the crowd with your slings and accessories?
Shop from Urbanhouse and dazzle the crowd. To begin with, I would like to tell you all that they sell slings which are heart winners and eccentric. They have a huge variety of accessories, watches, clothes and headbands. This is my favorite e-store as it propounds fashion essentials at reasonable prices and that too of flawless quality. Never have I been disappointed with this e-store.

4. The Snob Shop
Instagram profile- @snobshop
Handled by a fashion blogger like me, the snob shop has exquisite clothes and a marvellous collection of sunglasses. They also retail phone covers!
On their website, there is a separate column for the 'sale' products. It is taken into account that no item should be unavailable and should always be in the stock. This e-store is obsessed with it's customers and loves to see them wear it's fashion essentials.

5. Marlschuz
Instagram profile- @marlschuz
Heels are a girl's best friend (or they say so). Based in Mumbai, this e-store has footwear which are so attracting that you wouldn't be able to leave the instagram profile without purchasing a pair of these heels. With staple colors and designs never having seen before, the prices are rational and the quality is superb. All you should know is your shoe size and you can then easily have your hands on these footwear.

Now put your best foot forward at parties and outings by scooting over to these instagram profiles and clicking on 'follow'