Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bblunt: Temporary Hair Color- Product Review.

This post is targeted specifically to the youth section as they are the ones who love experimenting. Getting hair colored is the one trend that every 8/10 girls want to try. After scooting over to many online websites and magazines, I found that one temporary spray which you can use to please yourself when your mom says no for hair coloring.
You can use it to try a new look or just do something different with your hair.
Bblunt has recently introduced One Night Stand: temporary hair color. Now doing something funky is not going to be a task for you! 
Best part about this spray is that it's specifically created for Indian hair. 

Do not forget to use it less as after all it's still a bottle full of chemicals! 



  1. Very nice & crisp review dear :)


  2. How fantastic! I don't know if it's just "youth" who likes to experiment with hair colour... I'm definitely still up for it!

  3. nice if you want to experiment with colors :)