Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Fab Bag.

For all the single girls out there, this will come out to be a really fascinating post for you all. The Fab Bag is a bag full of surprises which reaches you till your doorstep every month. Each month, the team of Fab Bag assembles a bag full of makeup goodies which contains 3 customized items specially for all it's members.
All you have to do is subscribe to your Fab Bag and you're all set to feel both happy and surprised. (No more being dependent on a guy for surprises!)
The Fab Bag also has bags for men! 
You can subscribe for one, three, six and twelve months.

For the month of February, the team of Fab Bag focused on valentine's day and gave out a hair serum, nail polish, facial mud mask along with a shade of poppy pink lipgloss.

I for one loved my Fab Bag. It was no doubt fun to discover what my bag of February contained. If you want to come home to a bag full of surprises specially chosen to pamper you, then subscribe now at The Fab Bag


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  1. I disliked the Feb fab bag. Fab bag used to be great, but of late their quality has gone down. And their customer service is really really rude and at times clueless.