Saturday, 21 March 2015

Sunflare Arthouse by Megha Jain.

The Sunflare Arthouse came into existence many years back by Megha Jain.
Let me tell you something about Megha. She's the type of person who will turn out to be a perfect company for hanging out. As she is talkative and bubbly, boredom is out of question. She loves bonding with new people and getting to know their story. She loves to do things which are out of the box. Photography is running in her blood since the time many people didn't even know how to use a camera.
When Megha is working, do not disturb or interfere in her work. Your suggestions are more than welcome. Her hands run perfectly on the camera and she puts a lot of effort in each shot which can be seen in the pictures. Her photography has the magic to make you look beautiful.
She specializes photography in weddings, couples, maternity and working towards kids. Hand her a good cup of home-made coffee and she'll love you instantly.
Also, she's a pro in capturing candid pictures!

Have you ever fallen in love with a story by just looking at the picture?
If not, then you're about to:

My top most favorite is this one:

If you want her to capture pictures to die for, then you can shoot over to her facebook- or drop a mail at-


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