Friday, 27 March 2015

Amazon India Fashion Week: Day 01.

For the 25th edition, the FDCI chose Amazon India as it's title sponsor. (as mentioned in a previous blog post) After waiting for almost a month for the most awaited show, the opening day finally arrived!
Day 01 of the fashion week wasn't any normal day. As per my personal opinion, the first day has always been the most exciting one as you get to witness the new changes made since the previous fashion week.

Rajesh Pratap Singh
The opening designer for the fashion week was no other than Rajesh Pratap Singh. A well-known designer for his tailoring skills, Rajesh Pratap's autumn-winter 2015 collection called because medicine is the best laughter had all hand-sewn leather and wool garments. Suture seam (used in surgery) was principally used to make the garments. All the clothes were mainly in black and white. The crowd was dazzled to see models dancing and acting like nurses. Special love for the setup and dynamic music!

Payal Singhal/Nikasha
Inspired by the gracefulness of a gamine Parisian and the femininity of Chantilly lace, Payal Singhal's show was woven around sheer lace work, shimmery garments, flowy gowns, organza and silk which is both revealing and concealing. No girl would leave the opportunity to wear this specific collection by Payal Singhal. Her splendid work was acknowledged and loved by everybody present for the show. Payal Singhal's collection for autumn-winter took my heart away! 

Nikasha's muse was Ruby, an imaginary girl having Anglo-Indian French roots along with a free spirit and love for anything Bohemian. With prints and electric colors, Nikasha presented kimono shawls, silhouettes, frills, sarees with peplum blouses and gowns with layers. If you're looking for something not over the top or too heavy, then Nikasha's collection will be perfect for you.

Kavita Bhartia
With the use of fabrics like silk organza and tulle, Kavita Bhartia fabricated silhouettes consisting of voluminous pleated skirts, crop tops, draped skirts and dresses. With the completion of 25 years in the fashion industry, Bhartia decided to retain her signature style. The clothes presented by her on the ramp are apt for the modern women. They are delicate, sheer, edgy and comfortable. The use of pastel colors made the clothes look so soothing and easy to handle.
Her collection gave the example that every time bling isn't needed to rock a party or event.

Anju Modi
The collection of Anju Modi talks about a change from the everyday life- the escape to a Fairyland, to a world where anything is possible. The muse of Anju Modi is a poem of this fairytale that takes us away from the usual boring life. 
Anju Modi's fairytale included different shades of blue along with stripes. Not using much prints, the collection was graceful and loved by all. Her masterpiece was a red (basic shade) saree with print on the ghera. 

JJ Valaya
The Bolshoi Bazaar's soul lasts in two of cultures: India and Russia. This collection presented by JJ Valaya was inspired by various regions of Russia- jewels of czars, Ikats of the nomadic Russia onion domes of Moscow and a lot more. Fabrics like Crepes, Georgette and Voils were used to weave this year's collection. Royal colors were taken to form the perfect indian gowns which were both comfortable and elegant. The blue lehenga was to die for. My personal favorite! For men, JJ Valaya had just the right suit piece in velvet blue. His clothes had simplicity and a bizarre touch. 
The perfect end to the opening day was witnessed by us only because of JJ Valaya. 


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Keeping it Simple.

It has been decades since I've been looking for a good white dress. I have many LBDs but when we talk about white dresses, then I have a hard luck.
After ambling over to like a million websites, I finally found the exact type of white dress I was looking for at StalkBuyLove 
For those of you who don't know what StalkBuyLove is, it is an online fashion website for women selling the most adorable dresses, tops, skirts and a lot more. My favorite category is the crop tops one. Their collection is wide and endearing. 
Have a look at their website and you might as well find the kind of clothes that you've been wanting since a long time! 
Here's how I styled the white dress- 

Dress: Stalk Buy Love; Shoes; Jimmy Choo;
Rings: Cupcakes&Closet; F21; Earcuff: Fabity

All the pictures have been shot by Megha from the Sunflare Arthouse.
Shoot her a mail for photoshoots-


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Sunflare Arthouse by Megha Jain.

The Sunflare Arthouse came into existence many years back by Megha Jain.
Let me tell you something about Megha. She's the type of person who will turn out to be a perfect company for hanging out. As she is talkative and bubbly, boredom is out of question. She loves bonding with new people and getting to know their story. She loves to do things which are out of the box. Photography is running in her blood since the time many people didn't even know how to use a camera.
When Megha is working, do not disturb or interfere in her work. Your suggestions are more than welcome. Her hands run perfectly on the camera and she puts a lot of effort in each shot which can be seen in the pictures. Her photography has the magic to make you look beautiful.
She specializes photography in weddings, couples, maternity and working towards kids. Hand her a good cup of home-made coffee and she'll love you instantly.
Also, she's a pro in capturing candid pictures!

Have you ever fallen in love with a story by just looking at the picture?
If not, then you're about to:

My top most favorite is this one:

If you want her to capture pictures to die for, then you can shoot over to her facebook- or drop a mail at-


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Maybelline Colossal Liner- Product Review

Being in an age where all you can really put are liners and kajal, it becomes a necessity to opt for the best one. Ever since I started using eye liners, I've always used the liquid ones. Funny as it sounds, putting liquid liners is a bigger task than putting the dry pen-like ones (correct me if there's an other name for it!)
Maybelline recently introduced the colossal liner which is in the pen-like form. The main problem sorted by using this liner is that as it comes in the pen-form, it's easy to apply (a plus one for all the teens out there.)
This liner is dark, smooth, doesn't smudge and certainly doesn't chip. For those of you who are looking for a waterproof liner, this shouldn't be your pick as it can be removed without any fuss.
The best feature of this liner is that you can easily make a wing with it! (No going over and over trying to form the perfect one)
And to top it up, it costs only 425 bucks!

For those of you who need an eye liner on a daily basis, go for this one.


Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Fab Bag.

For all the single girls out there, this will come out to be a really fascinating post for you all. The Fab Bag is a bag full of surprises which reaches you till your doorstep every month. Each month, the team of Fab Bag assembles a bag full of makeup goodies which contains 3 customized items specially for all it's members.
All you have to do is subscribe to your Fab Bag and you're all set to feel both happy and surprised. (No more being dependent on a guy for surprises!)
The Fab Bag also has bags for men! 
You can subscribe for one, three, six and twelve months.

For the month of February, the team of Fab Bag focused on valentine's day and gave out a hair serum, nail polish, facial mud mask along with a shade of poppy pink lipgloss.

I for one loved my Fab Bag. It was no doubt fun to discover what my bag of February contained. If you want to come home to a bag full of surprises specially chosen to pamper you, then subscribe now at The Fab Bag


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Welcoming Summers.

Dear readers, it's time to bid the final goodbye to winters in India. The time when we can slide into sundresses and spend days in flip flops is here!
This outfit post will help you decide on the types of sundresses you should opt for the coming summer days.
It's casually smart, breezy and quite affordable!

Dress and bag: American Swan; Bellies: Thrift; Locket: F21