Thursday, 22 January 2015

Obsessing Over the Red Hat.

I've always had phases in my life when I obsess over a certain fashion item and currently I'm under the hat phase. 
Always being an ardent lover of accessories, it was rather surprising for me to love this hat more than any of the accessories I've ever purchased. The hat is an amazing thing to make your outfit look unique and make you stand out of the crowd.

Coat: Bombay; Red Hat: Thrift store; Ring: F21; 
Spiked Bracelet: Royal Plum; Leggings: F21; Boots: TSG

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Blogmint Fab Fifty Fashion Bloggers Meet.

To make the last few days worth remembering, the team of Blogmint hosted a Fab Fifty Fashion Bloggers Meet where Delhi's top 50 fashion bloggers were invited. I had the opportunity to be a part of the meet. The venue of the meet was one of the Delhi's coolest hangouts- Strikers, Pub and Lounge.

The theme of the meet was perfectly apt f.or all of us as it was- Blogging for Business.
As soon as we entered, each blogger was treated with a personalized cupcake. All the cupcakes had a flag each containing the name of the blogger along with their blog url. 

Four much more experienced bloggers were specially invited to discuss about blogging. They enlightened us with new facts about blogging and vlogging. We had a long session of talking where everybody could ask questions and share their personal thinking about brands, collaborations and every little thing related to the blogging world. 
Later on, we were told about the online website- American Swan
We were also told about the launch of the new panel of Blogmint which will take place in January, second week. 

The meet came to an end after lunch and a group picture of all the bloggers together. We were all given goodies from American Swan, an online fashion store along with a mug and a certificate of appreciation.
The team of Blogmint made magnificent arrangements. I had a gala time at the meet!


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Enamor India: Product Review.

Enamor India as you all know is one of the hot selling lingerie brands in today's time. The brand not just offers you good quality but also makes sure that your lingerie is soft and comfortable. It has different collections like Russian Firebird, Purple Haze, Sun Drenched,  Boudoir and Mix & Match.
If you shoot over to the website, you'll find a column of Fabulous Zone which is completely dedicated to finding out the fabulous qualities in you. The website also contains other columns like sportswear, nightwear, bras, shapewear and collections. Do check it out- Enamor India

The products I got were of Fire Fly Print which was basically a cute print of  yellow colored butterflies and flowers on a base of black color along with lace on the sides made up of polyamide fabric. After my personal experience with Enamor products, I can happily recommend this brand to all my friends because of it's silky and imperishable factors. I'm in absolute love with this brand and I'm sure whoever tries it, will love it too.
The brand offers you lingerie of exquisite colors and numerous designs. When it comes to ladies innerwear, Enamor India is one of the best brands to shop from!