Monday, 30 November 2015


Asus (from the last four letters of Pegasus- the winged horse in greek mythology) which was founded in 1989, offers a variety of products like motherboards, notebooks, mobile phones, digital home solutions, optical drives, desktop PCs & PC components etc.
They strive to please the customers by stepping in their shoes and presenting the best of products.

For the not so tech-savy ones, Asus launched Zenfone 2 in January 2015. One of the strongest features of Zenfone 2 is it's stupendous looks. 
Other features of Zenfone 2 include- 5.50 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels, dual sim, 4G, sensors on the phone- proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, accelometer and gyroscope.

Inspired by the bold looks of Zenfone 2 back cover:
I compiled an all black look:
The ones who have eyes on this beauty ever since it has launched, prepare yourselves because you are in for a treat. Asus is hosting a contest till 6 December, 2015, where all you have to do is create your own back cover designs to lay hands on that much awaited Zenfone 2.
The best design will be printed as the limited edition Zenfone 2 case. 
Be a part of this contest before all the phone handsets are long gone by applying at-

For further information, you can contact Asus India by messaging them on their Facebook page! (they are super quick in replying)


Saturday, 28 November 2015


I can barely hide my happiness as winters are fast approaching Delhi. It's that time of the year when boots and leather jackets take over my world. (no kidding!)
This time I decided to play around with my little red dress which has been lying in the extreme corner of my closet since the last 2 years!
I've always adored this one but never really found an occasion to make use of it.
1. Little Red Dress+Ankle Length Socks
When I was in middle school, I had no idea that ankle length socks (which I used to resent so much) would happen to be an investment.
They give a complete bad ass look.
2. Little Red Dress+Cardigan 
It's there to keep you in fashion as well as keep you warm! (the moms out there would be dancing!)
3. Little Red Dress+Scarf
This one is my absolute favorite. I would be pairing all my plain dresses with scarves from now on! 
Dress: F21; Platforms: Charles & Keith; Socks: Thrifted;
Cardigan: F21; Scarf: H&M.

Friday, 30 October 2015

I Got Scammed! Courtesy- Street Style Store.

Who wouldn't trust a website which has precisely 1,15,653 likes on it's Facebook page?
Anybody who would see their page, would believe that this online fashion store must have done something right to gain over one lakh likes. (At least I did!)
My mom who is just as fond of online shopping as I am, discovered this The first thing she did was shortlist a number of shirts and maxis for herself and then handed the laptop to me so that I could choose whatever I wanted. After adding the final items to the cart, my mom made the payment right away from her card (8th September). Those who are ardent readers of my blog are aware that I worship online shopping so this was no first timer for me.This website had a policy of delivering the orders within 3-21 days so I was prepared to wait till exactly 21 days. 
By the end of September, I completely forgot about the existence of the order I had made and just when the 21 days got completed, my mom reminded me of these clothes.  
I told her to give it a day or two and if the clothes still didn't get delivered, I'd contact the website.
I still waited for a few more days because sometimes deliveries can be late. (although it had never happened with me before)
Finally I messaged Street Style Store on their Facebook page as they seemed to be quite active there. (5th October) I told them about the situation and the fact that it had been over 25 days and I still hadn't received my clothes. I got a response the next day which stated that due to high rise in demand, this delay took place and that my shipment has been prioritized. As nothing got done, I again messaged them asking for a refund. (19th October) Even after that, their reply was, "your products are under the last stage of quality check and have been prioritised. Also, the delivery will be dispatched by Saturday." (24th October) 

I got my order just yesterday and I am truly appalled by this store. The package had only one piece out of the two that I had ordered. Istill haven't received a refund of the left out piece or a mail/message which would update me about it's whereabouts. 
In a nutshell, it was the worst online shopping experience that I've ever had. I've ordered from 100s of online stores a million times and never have I undergone such a shitty experience before. As Street Style Store's facebook page is flooded with negative comments, I'm not the only one who got scammed so you might just want to avoid hitting a 'like' for this one!


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Makeover in Action.

Ever since I started getting haircuts, I stuck to the usual basic cutting. After years of surviving with a monotonous look, I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.
Mind you, dear readers that 17 is no age to get all experimental with your hair. I was told by almost everybody to think rationally and wait for college to do such things.
Being the crazy hasty decision making teenager that I am, I listened to my gut feeling and got my hair chopped off. A lot of girls do not confide in fringes as this specific cut does not suit everybody. Many even told me that it wont look good on me but I was too stuck up on having my YOLO moment.
Looks, NFC was kind enough to invite me over for a makeover. The salon was beautifully designed with brick walls and lamp posts. The whole place was very pleasing.
I was attended by a senior stylist who gave a good amount of thinking to the cut and replicated the one I had in mind. (maybe even better!)
The reason why I'm smiling like a 5 year old in the last picture is because I was super happy with my haircut. The two blow-dryer days are long gone and I'm still in absolute love with my hair. I have a new look and whenever I want my old look back, I pin up my fringes. Looks, NFC completely took me by surprise and as a matter of fact, I'm going to turn up there whenever I have hair crisis now.
You guys should too!


Contact them @:
Official website-
Facebook- Looks Salon
Twitter: @LooksIndia

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Amazon India Fashion Week SS16 | Samant Chauhan.

As soon as I was let in for Samant Chauhan's show, all I could think of was sea and ships. The setup of sea ladders and sea cloth made from muslin, literally spoke to the crowd.

Inspired from the era of Alexander and the impact of Alexander's marital ties with Kinnauron, Samant Chauhan's collection was simply surreal.
As this wasn't my first Samant Chauhan show, my expectations from the designer were pretty high.
The designer's collection consisted of 35 outfits, mainly in two colors- white and red.
With a melodious tune being played in the background, first came a high and low cotton silk kaftaan and then came the corset and the organza skirt. I loved the corset because it was completely adorned with embroidery and silk thread.
The cotton silk gowns gave a very regal look. They were tight fitted till the waist and then flowy. The best part of Samant Chauhan's work was that in all of the flares, the outside was of white and the inside was of red. His work on the details was so fine that one could not help but get awestruck.
My favorite of all the gowns was the one with the cape. It wasn't flowy, rather it was straight. But the work of zari and silk embroidery was just apt. Not too much. Not too less. 
My favorite outfit of the whole 35 pieces was a cotton silk jumpsuit with a silk jacket. The body fit jumpsuit had embroidery work from the neck to the waist area. As the jumpsuit was in the shade of white and the embroidery in a complimentary color, the jacket which was in the shade of red really made the whole outfit quite appealing. 
Samant Chauhan and his team- Prashant Chauhan, Sonal, Deepak, Anisha, Nupur and Thahir presented an immaculate show. The bloggers sitting next to me adored his collection too!
Not to forget, the bags which were carried by models was given much love. 
Samant Chauhan;
9891464636; 1126494621

You can catch more from the fashion week on my instagram- @Shweghna31

P.S- All the pictures are provided by The Fashion Design Council of India.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Budget Shopping.

I am a crazy shopaholic. Clothes feed me more than food ever can. There are days when I put my faith in Forever 21, Zara, Koovs and whichever website attracts me. But there also comes those days when my wallet is as thin as it can be.
This post is all about budget shopping. I adore Janpath when it comes to street shopping. It has garbs of good quality which are of affordable prices. The maxi dress which I'm wearing, costed me 300 bucks and so did my earrings.
It was a complete steal!


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Comfort Fashion.

It is a fact that we need a casual tee more than that shimmery dress which acts as a saviour in a party. While Forever 21, Zara, Mango and Promod excel in basic tees, you can now spot many online stores to be in this competition. And as many of my readers are aware of, online shopping is all that I do now.
This post is featuring Missa More, an online fashion store which is getting much love by our enormous community of fashion bloggers.
Check their website to get your hands on a heart winning collection of slit tops!

Top: Missa More; Jeggings: Zara;
 Flats: Thrifted

 Until next time.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016.

My instagram and snapchat is flooded with updates from the New York Fashion Week SS16 and all I could wish was to be present for these shows.
For those of you who lack an insight to the fashion weeks that take place all around the world, there's more to these shows than designer clothes and celebrity show-stoppers. There's the music that has to be played during the show, the props on the models and the whole set-up that holds much importance.
The show of Givenchy Spring/Summer 2016 was a tribute to the tragic bombings that took place a decade ago and was popularly known as the 9/11 attack. For the first time in so many years, Givenchy's show was held in New York instead of Paris to celebrate the new store opening on Madison Avenue.
Givenchy's show was immaculate not only because of the clothes but because Riccardo Tisci made sure that everything was gratifying.
The music was combined from six different cultures and religions so as to unite the world and create a magic on the ramp. When we talk about the set, you all should be aware that the whole set was made up of recycled materials.
The best aspect of the show was the work of Pat McGrath on the models. There's makeup and then there is the 3D- detailing. Masks which took more than 5 hours to be made were adorned with pearls, appliqu├ęs, lace and layers of jewels which gave a romantic look.
A lot of drama was seen to take place at the show when the famous Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel fell and landed on her hands. But the model kept her cool, regained her composure and gracefully completed the show.
The show was adored by all and Tisci got everyone head over heels for his collection.