Thursday, 18 December 2014

Maybelline India- Products Review.

It's all about pop colors this season and Maybelline India is not at all far behind in expressing their love for and embracing the pop colors.
Maybelline recently launched Electro Pop Baby Lips which has four different colors- purple, pink, yellow and red. My top most favorite are pink and purple.

Electro Pop- Pink Shock.
The pink shock when applied on the lips, gives a very light shade of pink which looks subtle and settling. For all those people who don't like to put lipstick or lipgloss, Electro Pop is the product for you. It works as a lipbalm along with focusing on the right amount of color for the lips. 

Electro Pop- Berry Bomb.
The Berry Bomb which is the purple colored Electro Bomb, is totally contrasting from the Pink Shock. Berry Bomb gives a shade of purple to the lips. People who want to stand out and want to do something fresh and different should buy this one. It's new, flashy and gets you attention. If you are all game for risks, go for the Berry Bomb. 
My new favorite!

The best part about these Electro Pops is that they contain Vitamin E and Shea Butter.

The next product in line is Maybelline Color Bloom. This lip balm is a natural one with no color. It is the most effective one according to me. The effect of this lip balm can be seen after 2-3 times of use. Along with making your lips crack-free, this lip balm also gives a shine to your lips. A really helpful product during winters!
This product is going to be used all the time by me for these winter days.

Maybelline products are out of the box this time and are totally worth buying. I suggest that you all should give them a try! 


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  1. What pretty colours! I love a bright lip.