Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Wella Color Up Your Life: Bloggers Meet.

It was that time of the year again when Wella decided to be the host for a bloggers meet. Last year's meet was no doubt astounding but this year's meet was even better. The invited bloggers got the chance to meet the famous hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani and even interact with her. I, along with many other bloggers got enlightened with many facts about hair colouring.

The meet began with a brief introduction about Wella and what the meet is about. It continued with fun activities for the bloggers. We had to team up and work together in one of the activities. 

Our team's representative!

After all the fun activities, Sapna took the spotlight. She charmed us all by humble nature and knowledge about hair coloring. Being a hair stylist and a really experienced one, Sapna told us that all the myths that we Indians believe about hair color are totally wrong. She told us that if you get your hair colored it won't harm your hair.
Her theory is that every girl should believe in getting her hair colored because every hair color makes you feel differently. Having done experiments on her own hair since teenage years, Sapna strongly believes that with a new hair color comes a new wardrobe makeover. 

At the meet, we also got familiar with the new Oil Infuso Color Service introduced by Wella. The Oil Infuso bottle provides long lasting color results and takes care of hair health. The oil also nourishes and enhances structure of our hair. The oil contains Vitamin E which works as a protective barrier against damage. It also protects the colored hair from sun effects which can act as a chemical and ruin the colored potion of the hair.
This oil gives Wella, color up to 86% more shine. So if you get your hair colored by Wella, you won't face the problem of dry or damage hair. The oil is personally used by Sapna and I could easily see the effects of that tiny bottle on her beautiful red hair. 
Wella understands the seriousness of hair damage and has introduced this Oil Infuso specially for people who want their hair color to be bold and attractive. The smell is too sweet and enchanting so after applying it on your hair, you'll want to keep smelling your hair. 

The meet was overall a really knowledgeable and interesting one. The Wella team was again successful in giving us a satisfactory and enjoyable time. 
My personal advice to you all readers who wish to get their hair colored is to choose Wella for hair coloring. They will do a fine job. 


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  1. What a fun event! I know that every time I colour my hair it feels like I've had a makeover!