Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Brand Review: L'Oreal Hair Serum.

This one product is a real investment for your hair. I'm one of those people who are totally against using products other than shampoos and conditioners for hair but my thinking changed after using L'Oreal's hair serum.
Basically a hair serum is used by those people who have dry or frizzy hair. It is an oil-type solution which acts like a thin protective layer on the hair to protect from the damage caused by the exposure of sun.

Size: 100ml; Cost: $5

The quantity totally depends upon the length of your hair. Since I have medium hair(recently got a haircut) I don't require much serum.
Step 1: Open the bottle of serum and pour just about 7-8 drops of serum on your hands.
Step 2: Apply the serum on your washed hair. You can also use it on dry hair but I would advice you to use it on wet hair only.
Step 3: Just like you put oil, put serum equally on all sides. If you feel that the quantity is less, you can use more of it. Don't use it too much at a time.
Step 4: Touch your hair and if you find them soft enough, then your job is done otherwise you missed on a point or two.
Step 5: DO NOT RINSE OUT. Let the serum settle in your hair.

The effect of serum will work till your next wash.

This one product is a must buy. For all girls out there who care about their hair more than anything should buy this magical product.


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