Monday, 9 June 2014

Fashion Haul: Holidays Mode.

Now I know I've been way too much active on the blog since June has started but you can't blame me. 11th grade is way too slow and there is so much of free time that somehow I'm coming up with posts on a very fast pace.
With all the internships getting over I have so much of free time that I usually land up in a mall. Here's what I got from my last visit to the mall:

Eyelash Curler
Before you all think why I would buy an eyelash curler, I must tell that I have long and pretty eyelashes. No kidding, I literally flaunt how perfect sized they are.

From: F21; Price: $11

Pocket Size Mirror
My last mirror which was also from F21 had a little accident so I had to buy a new one. The good part about this one is that it matches perfectly with my eyelash curler in terms of  color.

From: F21; Price: $6

NY 83 Crop Top
I have no idea what new love I've developed for numbers. Wherever I see a tshirt having a number printed on it, I put my hands on it. But this specific crop tee has a different style on the shoulders so it gives a eccentric look

From: Promod; Price: $8

Feather Earrings
As soon as I laid my eyes on these, I couldn't leave these. I had been looking for long feather earrings since five months and finally I got the perfect ones.

From: Claire's; Price: $7.5

Floral Crop Top
At least one floral printed crop top was needed and this one was pretty. It has a cross back so it gives the impression to be worn on a pool part or a beach.

From: Pret; Price: $15
Floral Snapback 
Frankly speaking, I regret buying this because I have no idea where I'm going to wear a snapback so flowery. Anyways, it's not a bad investment though. Gives a girly look and the print is colorful.

From: F21; Price: $5.5

Beaded Headband
As I have mentioned in my earlier posts that I have a thing for headbands, wherever I see one, I have to buy it. This one is quite quirky and I basically bought this one because I didn't have a headband like this before. 

From: Thrift; Price: $3

P.S- credits for better picture quality goes to my mum for finally buying me a DSLR.


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