Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fashion Haul: Forever 21.

Happy new month to all readers and bloggers. FYI, this month also happens to be my birthday month. (Yeah, I'm acting like a typical girl) So recently, I crashed at Forever21 and the one hour I spent there happened to be the happiest hour of my day. Forever21 is currently the hot favorite of every girl who loves accessories. They have been providing cheap and better quality products than Claire's and mind it that Claire's was my favorite for accessories. Forever21 is making all girls' dreams come true as they have put 30% off on all accessories. From neck-pieces to snapbacks, you'll get a discount on any type of accessory.
Here's what I purchased:

Cost: $4.15

Cost: $3.35

Cost: $15

Cost: $12

Cost: $2.50


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  1. I've become quite a fan of Forever 21 recently and I quite like their accessories too!