Monday, 12 May 2014

Eye Liners.

Now that I've reached the age where an eye liner is a necessity, I've realized how important it is to choose a good eye liner.
I'm pretty sure that 80% of girls have used bad eye liners once in their lifetime and regretted it.
At first, you might think that what's the difference between any eye liner? 
They all may seem the same but in reality there's a huge difference. 
You don't want your eyes to get all watery and your eye liner all smudgy. But if you choose a bad eye liner, you're gonna face all of that. 
According to me, you should go with these liners:

Sephora is a certified brand which is liked by all girls. They have a huge variety in makeup, skin cares, gift pallets etc. Sephora's eye liners are smooth and not watery.
My first choice in eye liners would be Sephora.
The range starts from $5.

2. M.A.C Cosmetics
Who doesn't know M.A.C?
I think all over the world, malls have at least one store of M.A.C. (At least India does)
M.A.C has been well known for their quality since centuries and you can anyday choose a M.A.C eye liner over other brands without fearing the quality.
The range starts from $16.

This brand is my mom and sister's favorite. Ever since my observation skills improved, I've only seen them use Revlon eye liners. Thus, this one brand is suggested with my personal guarantee that you wont regret using Revlon.
The range starts from $12.

4. L'Oreal
You're never going to find a more chic brand than L'Oreal. They offer the best products in reasonable prices. Not to forget L'Oreal is one of the leading brands for cosmetics. L'Oreal also has a unique collection of  eye liners.
The range starts from $21.

Their lip balms by the appealing name Baby Lips, definitely killed it and so do their beauty products. Maybelline's eye liners are dark, smooth and they don't get smudgy (one thing I love)
You don't want to be fidgety with your eye liner again and again and Maybelline eye liners never disappoint you.
The range starts from $7.50

Have fun choosing which eye liner suits you.
Will write soon.


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  1. Great comparisons. My current favourite eyeliner is from Nars!