Saturday, 19 April 2014

When Bloggers Socialize.

Every blog needs publicity. You're probably writing for passion, awareness, fame or hobby in a particular thing and for that you need to socialize for others to know what lays on your blog.
It is very easy to guess when a blogger is socializing. You get to hear fierce discussions and posts describing what exactly your blog is about.
The different website through which bloggers can socialize are:

Who doesn't know this fantastic thing? Even a movie (The Social Network) was made with regard to Facebook.
For bloggers, Facebook works really well as it spreads information and feeds in seconds. Before you know it, your post is seen and liked by many people.

If you haven't tweeted yet, you haven't seen the world till now.
From celebrities to comedians, every known and unknown person has a twitter account. Twitter helps in learning about tips, gossip and day to day happenings. Bloggers can meet new bloggers through twitter. You can also take part in contests through Twitter.
Share what you feel by a single tweet now.

The one website which has the magic of giving your blog a rise in the pageviews.
Google, the well known website since forever can really grow your readers and followers.
Google is safe and it goes worldwide.

This website is only for the Indian bloggers (apologies for bloggers belonging to other parts of the world)
You get to see thousands of other bloggers, read their blogs and even make a new friend through this website. There is also a ranking list for the blogs.
The bloggers get the perks of contests, awareness on different topics and you even get to go on indiblogger meets.

I'm sure by now all of the fashion bloggers are familiar to this website. If not, then you're soon to discover the breath taking website which provides you with groups to be a part of, tips, blogging ideas, meets, fashion related information and a lot more. You're gonna have the time of your life while being a member of the IFB society. They are known by the whole world's fashion bloggers.

Start exploring now.


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  1. This is a great list. I would also add instagram, so many amazing bloggers posting there!