Friday, 4 April 2014

FQuotient: Create. Share. Own.

For fashion enthusiasts when a girl is walking by them, wearing a black tee with a pair of black jeans, all they wonder is,"who wants to look like a Dementor (Harry Potter- dark shallow creatures) when you can wear a colorful top with those pair of black jeans."
FQuotient is a website for fashion lovers who know how to mix-match and create something totally new and trendy. The website helps you play with the clothes, create a new look more than 100 times and even share it around. 
It also gives you knowledge about different people's fashion sense and taste. If you earlier believed that a tank top would only go with black jeggings, you can find it go with a pair of white shorts too. 
The website also makes you familiar with the price of the item and the store from which it can be purchased. So it's time to get all handy and start checking out the website. 
The website is a total hit and you'll be having the time of your life browsing it.
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