Friday, 11 April 2014

FQ Spreads.

One of the perks of using the website FQuotient is the fact that along with creating your own spreads, you also get the advantage of seeing the best trends created by Fquotient itself.
The ones I found one of the best are:

1. Animal Accents
FQ Edit| Animal Accent

Animal print can never go out of fashion. Every fashion lover has at least one animal print item whether it is a plain shirt or a trendy scarf. The best thing about animal print is that it goes with almost anything. The prints are subtle and go with all skin tones. One of the facts about animal print is that it hit the fashion ramps again
in the spring/summer collection. You can never go wrong with the animal print. Create your own fashion spread of animal print now through FQuotient

2. Abstract Fashion
FQ Edit| Go Abstract

Abstract fashion shouts quirky. It has a totally different concept which hasn't been adopted by many girls so easily. But according to me, abstract fashion gives a fresh look along with working just fine with all occasions. Black colored accessories fit perfect with an abstract dress. Abstract is a safe choice and you wouldn't have to worry about bumping into a girl wearing anything close to abstract fashion so often. The live example is given by FQuotient

3. Skort Love

Also known as skant, a skort is a pair of shorts which gives the look of a skirt. Totally in vogue, skorts are hitting the trend in large numbers. As it is new in fashion, you can totally be prepped to be the trend setter by buying a pair or two of these.
Trying creating your own spread of skort through Fquotient now.

These three spreads created by FQuotient appealed the most to me. Moreover, they are going as fast as the fashion is in creating the spreads and giving the followers more knowledge about the trend. 



  1. These look great! I love how creative we can be with images on our blogs.

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