Thursday, 13 March 2014

When Out On A Vacation.

Dear bloggers and readers, do you know what's the most depressing part about board exams? It feels like you're grounded even though you've done nothing wrong. It's been over a month since I last blogged. The longest time period ever.
Since my boards are finally going away tomorrow, I'll be able to make a decent list for the upcoming family vacation.


Extra pair of clothes: You don't know how many times you might need to change your clothes. It's not your home that you can stay in one pair of clothes. It's essential to carry extra pair of clothes for safety. Well you can always shop from that specific place but why take a risk?

Accessories: Accessories are considered as important as clothes these days. Where earlier clothes would have been enough for going out, now without a neck piece you're outfit will feel incomplete. Accessories are like magic wands who do a magic on your outfit and gives a fashion statement to your clothes.

Footwear: You've got to be diverse with the footwear when you're going out on a vacation. Carry flip flops, heels and comfy shoes in order to be all prepped up for each day. Don't be dependent on the place you're visiting since you don't reside there and you have no surety of the shops there.

Shampoo, Soap, Conditioner:  Your hair need care. Never forget a shampoo and soap. You can still survive without a conditioner but don't risk forgetting the other two. After all you're going on a vacation and your hair need to be perfect for the photos.

Sunscreen: For a person like me who is totally against tanning, sunscreen is essential. The vacation will last for a few days but tanning? It won't leave you for months.

Camera: If you're a blogger or a picture addict, camera is gonna be in your bag right after your clothes. Who doesn't want photos and memories? Camera is a must

That's it for now.
Will write soon.
Till then


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