Sunday, 30 March 2014


One of the best facts about end of semester holidays is that you're free as a bird to do anything you want. So as holidays came, my family took me out on a vacation to Kerala.
How do I define Kerala to you all?
Let's see, a large state of India which has uncountable number of bananas and coconuts. I saw more than 100 plantations and thousands of pineapple trees. There were more spice markets than normal cloth markets. No kidding.
Excluding nature and greenery, the place was breath taking. The beaches were huge and stupendously pretty.


Crop Top: Promod; Jeggings: Zara

Cap: F21

Aviators:F21; Dress:F21

Headgear: Thrift
Neckpiece: Thrift; Shorts: Zara

Top: Tommy Hilfiger; Shorts: Promod

Top: H&M; Neckpiece: Accessorize

It was quite a pretty trip and I had loads of fun. Trips like these are needed every now and then.
That's it for now. Will write soon.
Till then


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring- Summer Trends You Must Adopt.

This time of the year is really fascinating. You get to experience new styles. Summers are coming in India at a slow pace. In the evenings, you might feel a bit cold but summers are just round the corner.
Every season requires a new trend. Here are some of the trends that are hep for 2014:

These are the all time favorites. No girl can survive without shorts on a hot summer day. The best part about shorts is that it goes with every type of top. Sometimes shorts work with shirts too. Shorts are perfect as they make you look classy and hot at the same time.

It's the new addiction for teenagers. Crop tees are as important as a pair of black jeans. They are new, trendy and they give an appealing look. With the crop tee, all you require is a pair of high waist jeans or shorts of the contrasting color.
The best crop tees can be found at F21, Zara, Mango etc.

It's the season of heavy accessories preferably neon. If you feel that your outfit isn't doing the job it's ought to do, accessories will do that job. As I always mention, accessories give a new outlook to your outfit. You're more noticeable.

If you believe that you're a trend setter, then do something funky with your hair. Do not stick with the usual style. No doubt your outfit is important but you shouldn't neglect the hair. Try the fountain braid or tie your hair in a messy way. There are various hairstyles which can make you look stupendous.

On a personal view, I'm not much of a fan of slip dresses as they do not look outstanding on me. But many do prefer wearing slip dresses. They give an adult makeover to you. So whoever is up for that look, go for slip dresses.

Buy tops and dresses which have a motto screaming out. Clothes which have words, slogans and motto are totally in fashion and are being sold at a high rate. Who would mind wearing a dress which has swag written all over it?
Can be found at F21.

Buy a tube top and put on your pencil skirt with that. You'll surely rock the outfit. Pencil skirts are adopted by many girls in their early 20s. Short skirts are always liked but pencil skirts are different and unique. Something new to fill your wardrobe.

Orange is the new black. Earlier where all colors were neglected, black was always opted out. But now girls are going gaga over orange. Orange is the new trend setting color. Get all frenzy over orange this season.

These are the trends I plan on following this spring-summer. What are your choices?


Thursday, 13 March 2014

When Out On A Vacation.

Dear bloggers and readers, do you know what's the most depressing part about board exams? It feels like you're grounded even though you've done nothing wrong. It's been over a month since I last blogged. The longest time period ever.
Since my boards are finally going away tomorrow, I'll be able to make a decent list for the upcoming family vacation.


Extra pair of clothes: You don't know how many times you might need to change your clothes. It's not your home that you can stay in one pair of clothes. It's essential to carry extra pair of clothes for safety. Well you can always shop from that specific place but why take a risk?

Accessories: Accessories are considered as important as clothes these days. Where earlier clothes would have been enough for going out, now without a neck piece you're outfit will feel incomplete. Accessories are like magic wands who do a magic on your outfit and gives a fashion statement to your clothes.

Footwear: You've got to be diverse with the footwear when you're going out on a vacation. Carry flip flops, heels and comfy shoes in order to be all prepped up for each day. Don't be dependent on the place you're visiting since you don't reside there and you have no surety of the shops there.

Shampoo, Soap, Conditioner:  Your hair need care. Never forget a shampoo and soap. You can still survive without a conditioner but don't risk forgetting the other two. After all you're going on a vacation and your hair need to be perfect for the photos.

Sunscreen: For a person like me who is totally against tanning, sunscreen is essential. The vacation will last for a few days but tanning? It won't leave you for months.

Camera: If you're a blogger or a picture addict, camera is gonna be in your bag right after your clothes. Who doesn't want photos and memories? Camera is a must

That's it for now.
Will write soon.
Till then