Sunday, 9 February 2014

Someone Get Me A Tissue.

Cold is the worst thing that could ever happen to a person. No kidding, it kills the hell out of you.
But sooner or later you have to take in the fact that cold goes away at it's own will. You can't just demand it to vanish and voila! Gone.
Now who says you can't handle cold fashionably? This may sound extremely dumb but you can get a decent attire for cold too.
Do this and you're all prepped for looking decent much while having the shittiest cold.

Girls having long hair, I'm sorry to break this news to you that you need to tie your hair all the time. If your hair happens to come across your face, your irritation level will exceed to no end making you more cranky and bugged up. But if you happen to have a really bad headache, put a hairband and plat your hair. That's the mildest theory to a bad headache. Do not let your hair decide what to do when you're dealing with cold.

Get into your comfortable zone. Now uncomfortable is the new fashion frenzy but hello people, you're dealing with cold. Cold doesn't go according to fashion. Choose the trendiest track pants, wear the same rubberband or hairband and there you are looking fashionably sick.
Fans of Juicy Couture get a plus point as they get more days to wear a Juicy tracksuit.

You've obviously got no outing to attend, no party to go to, no school to face and as such going nowhere so try and sleep as much as possible. Now you don't happen to get long hours of sleep everyday. So make the most of it and enhance your face's beauty. Make your eyes recover from the deep dark circles.

India has winters right now. People are anyways ending up in socks like 3/4th of the time. What you can do is, wear colorful socks specially the ones with bright colors so that you get a ray of happiness. Socks do bring positive thoughts. Try finding the soft towel cloth socks which have funny faces. (They happen to be my personal favorite)

Now this is one factor happily accepted by all. Throw the dieting out of your window, ask your mum to cook you your favorite meals and eat. Eat like a retard but eat. A personal thought: Moms happen to get extra caring when you're sick. They will get up at 4 AM to get you anything which makes you feel better. Take advantage and make your mom work.

The most amazing part about having water is that it cleanses your skin to no ending level. You can get a face which has no marks or acne. Drink water, do not get dehydrated and let all your worries drown down. Okie, not literally but let the water do it's magic and as far as I know, water is one essential factor of treatment for cold.

That's it for now. My health happens to demand a bed and lots of beauty sleep.



  1. I hope you feel better soon! I always like to cuddle up in something warm whenever I feel sick!