Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Impractical Fashion.

The worst thing about high school is that you have to study for board exams and since India is one hell of a drama country, boards are considered as important as a festival. Don't get me wrong, exams play a major role in every student's life but not on the cost of so much drama.
For me the definition of impractical fashion is the creation of a unique look from the weirdest possible things.
Now the good thing about impractical fashion is that it can lead to any type of creativeness without any stoppage. So get creative and create the most unseen outfits ever.
Even the most famous designers previewed the widest collections on impractical fashion.

The red Hula Hoop Bag
s/s 2013

Enormous white Hula Hoop Bag
s/s 2013

The White Cap 
s/s 09


Quite Big for Daily Wear

Black gown

Green Sapphire Bracelet


No one really adored sleeveless capes.

Plastic or Rubber?

Fluffy Work.

Even though some of the outfits are not that exciting, improper fashion has a different outlook than normal fashion. It certainly gives an edge and there is always room for new inventions in this fashion area.
So it's up to you, how you visualize improper fashion.



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