Wednesday, 8 January 2014

iMerchandise Fashion App.

This season get ready to get the opportunity to use the most handy and addictive app. iMerchandise is that new app which will act like your best friend. No kidding, it's a dream come true. Created by a genius, this app works just perfectly. Earlier, buying wholesale clothing became a headache but with the help of this app your work gets simplified. With this app you're able to click pictures, create your own personal merchandise and make your own fashion story. No further needs of opening your little black diary. Now buy the stuff in seconds with the help of this app. Along with buying, you can also send orders to fashion vendors and tackle with the deliveries within your time limit. There's also a plus point that you can choose the money budget and not get hyped with the exceeding amount (all girls go head over heels for clothes and forget the budget)
Also with the help of your fashion abilities, mix and match the clothes designed by various designers and form something totally unseen and unique. This app works like a fairygod mother which will work in seconds.
Use the old pictures of slender models and brands and you get a new and flashy look before you.
This app is also connected to all social media websites and by that you can share your love for fashion to the whole world.
If you use Magento, your products can be updated on your retail store in minutes. This app is faster than any other fashion app. No more waiting for the process to take place.

To be completely up to date with the app, you can check the tutorial page:
Download this amazing piece of work from the iTunes today!

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  1. lovely post <3
    xoxo,Khloe from

  2. Being fashionable is the only thing i like from the core of heart. Yesterday i bought LV bags for my sister and mother. Both loved the bag and glad to get that from me.

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