Friday, 24 January 2014

When Bad Things Happen To Good Hair.

I recently got a haircut after 7-8 months. The little discovery I made was that if you don't get a haircut every now and then, you're gonna have a tough time dealing with your hair.
As my hair is straight and silky, I go gaga when they get sticky or start having split ends.
So I tried to do these things:

This word is the key to managing good hair. Do not wait for years to get your hair chopped up. They can grow again. You need to keep them in condition. So when split ends start showing, go for a haircut.

Chemical Conditioners:
I'm a straight lover of conditioners. They have magical powers in them which softens the hair and makes them smooth. But do not add conditioner to your hair frequently. Twice a week would do. After all the little chemicals, the better.

Natural Conditioners:
Try putting an egg or beer on your hair. No kidding, this will work. Leave the beer or egg for 30 minutes on your hair and then wash them off. Then use shampoo and you will get silky hair.
But do not put them often. Twice a month would do.

When I was 6, my mom ruled over my hair. She oiled them thrice a week and I just cried. I'm not a big fan of oil but I can tell you one thing. After that time I'm grateful to mum for oiling my hair. If you want heavy volume for your hair and not thin strands like noodles, oil your hair once a week. The smell is gonna be intolerable but try to manage.

Avoid Hairsprays, Gels and Other Chemical Products: 
Your hair is not a testing pallet. Yes, there are some interesting products which attracts you but once you're in this product trap, forget the shine of your natural hair.
Only on special occasions put hairsprays and never opt for gels.

P.S- For people with colored hair or streaks, ONLY use shampoos and conditioners for colored hair. Also those who are planning on getting your hair colored, try avoiding the red color as they loose the color in no time as mentioned in Wella Bloggers Meet: Ammonia Free Is Not Damage Free


Saturday, 18 January 2014


In the early 16th century, corsets became the new obsession for girls of all ages. Victorian era for girls was all about a tight fitted corset. Introduced by the wife of King Henry II, the corsets have been in fashion since 350 years.
For those who are unknown to the term corsets, my definition for it would be- A really tight fitted bodice which was earlier accepted traditionally but now is widely chosen in the fashion world.
Here's the thing about corsets. They are made from different cloth materials such as satin, silk, net and the most common ones are made from lace. Excluding the medical issues, if seen fashionably, a corset is the best possible pick. Of course you cannot just leave your house wearing a short corset. That would make you look weird and if you're residing in India, then you're gonna have a tough time for quite long.

1. If you're up for a small and slender waist along with a curvy body, get ready to purchase a tight lace corset.
2. If in the form of a gown, a corset will make you look thin and in shape.
3. Corsets give a firm grip to your back.
4. Since corsets are available in all types, you will find a new tube corset or a sleeveless one to go perfectly with your shorts. In fact in India, corsets are seen on weddings by mix and matching them with the long skirts.
5. There are also corset dresses which would give you a different look. The normal corsets are short but the corset dresses are till the legs.

1. Corsets hamper movement. You cannot expect yourself to be dancing around wearing a tight fitted corset.
2. Once the waist size is reduced, larger size can be attained with many difficulties. Thus, if you're planning on wearing a corset to shorten the waist size, do remember that the effects will be permanent.
3. You can have severe health issues with regard to tight corsets as some of the consequences can be- deformation of liver and stomach.
4. Can't be worn on a daily basis.
5. If you're a foodie, you can't even think of going out wearing a corset to eat in loads.

A corset has both good and bad things to look upon. So before purchasing one, do look at both the sides.


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

iMerchandise Fashion App.

This season get ready to get the opportunity to use the most handy and addictive app. iMerchandise is that new app which will act like your best friend. No kidding, it's a dream come true. Created by a genius, this app works just perfectly. Earlier, buying wholesale clothing became a headache but with the help of this app your work gets simplified. With this app you're able to click pictures, create your own personal merchandise and make your own fashion story. No further needs of opening your little black diary. Now buy the stuff in seconds with the help of this app. Along with buying, you can also send orders to fashion vendors and tackle with the deliveries within your time limit. There's also a plus point that you can choose the money budget and not get hyped with the exceeding amount (all girls go head over heels for clothes and forget the budget)
Also with the help of your fashion abilities, mix and match the clothes designed by various designers and form something totally unseen and unique. This app works like a fairygod mother which will work in seconds.
Use the old pictures of slender models and brands and you get a new and flashy look before you.
This app is also connected to all social media websites and by that you can share your love for fashion to the whole world.
If you use Magento, your products can be updated on your retail store in minutes. This app is faster than any other fashion app. No more waiting for the process to take place.

To be completely up to date with the app, you can check the tutorial page:
Download this amazing piece of work from the iTunes today!

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Another Fashion Haul.

Happy New Year my dear readers and fellow bloggers. Finally 2013 is over. The year was quite a rush.
I really loved the response I got for the previous fashion haul post. So I decided to post more haul posts.

Scarf: F21

Junk Love 




Polka dot: F21